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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Common Lolita Pitfalls

I thought I'd make a small guide over common pitfalls for lolitas. It is first and foremost a beginner's guide, but I constantly see more seasoned lolitas make some of these mistakes, so it might be useful for everyone. <3 Now, I do not claim to be a pro (like I've said before), but I am a lolita veteran, having dressed in this fashion since 2002.

I will not go through exactly what lolita is - but for the uninitiated it is a Japanese street fashion. Feel free to google "sweet lolita" or "gothic lolita" and you will get something of an idea what it is.

Without much further ado, here are the common pitfalls in no particular order:

Mistake 1: Make up

A common mistake nowadays is that lolitas use too much make up. The ideal lolita would wear no make up at all, but have a fresh and natural beauty. Make up is easily ruining the sweet, innocent image of the lolita, and should be used sparingly.

This mistake is perhaps even more common among seasoned lolitas.

Reason for mistake: Usually the lolita has been inspired by j-rock and similar, where they wear a lot of make up because they are in the spotlight, where no make up will look plain.

Mistake 2: No petticoat

This is more of a beginner's mistake. A lolita seeks the bell- or cupcake-shape of her dresses and skirts, and as such almost all clothes require a petticoat of some kind. If not a poofy petticoat, then at least some kind of petticoat. If this is forgotten, the prettiness of the dress will be lost much like a withering flower that didn't get enough water.

Reason for mistake: Usually a matter of not knowing what lolita really is, and how the shape is achieved.

Mistake 3: No drawers

The drawers (not bloomers - bloomers are short, much too short for lolita) are an essential part of the lolita outfit. They mustn't be forgotten! Some lolitas wear pantyhose instead, but I feel that this is more of a temporary solution.

Reason for mistake: The same as no petticoat - a lack of knowledge about lolita. Drawers are just about the simplest piece of garment you can sew yourself, as well, so even if you can't afford to buy a pair - sew a pair out of any fabric you have at home (an old sheet for example - sheets are excellen for underwear!).

Mistake 4: Visible drawers

Now, lolita is all about modesty, and showing your underwear really isn't very modest... It's quite okay if the very bottom of the drawers peek a tiny bit - but they shouldn't show too much.

Reason for mistake: Very often the culprit isn't the drawers but the skirt, which is too short for lolita. The solution is not to get shorter drawers but a longer skirt.

Mistake 5: Too short skirt/dress

A rule of thumb with lolita is that all dresses and skirts shouldn't be shorter than 1 inch (2,5 cm) above the knee. (A little longer is perfectly fine!) This is, again, because of modesty. This mistake is so often made by beginners and seasoned lolitas it makes me quite sad.

Reason for mistake: It's usually two different mistakes. One is that you bought a skirt that looked "lolita-ish" and thought it was cute. A lot of skirts and dresses are advertised as lolita but aren't - most often fetisch clothes such as maid outfits. The second reason is people who bought brand without checking the skirt length. Brands from Japan are made for Japanese people, and they are usually much shorter than westerners, which makes the skirts too short for us. One solution to this is to buy a bigger size and get it sewn in, or buy your clothes from one of the manufacturers that custom make dresses to fit you (such as Chess Story). A third choice is to have a decorative skirt beneath it that peeks.

Mistake 6: Too much skin showing

This is a very, very common mistake, especially in summer. Perhaps even more common than too short dresses/skirts. Lolita is modest, and this means that you show very little skin (and absolutely no cleavage at all!). The most common parts that end up showing are legs or arms. It can be difficult to hide in summer, I know, but there are things you can do. A lace bolero, for example, covers up effectively and prettily without making you too hot.

Reason for mistake: Lack of good cardigans, boleros and knee-highs/pantyhose. The reason can also be because you sweat a lot, and don't want to get too hot. Maybe get a dress that is cooler for the summer, there are plenty of cute summer dresses out there.

Mistake 7: Too much decoration

I often see people who claim to be lolita, but are so overdecorated with bracelets and hair accessories that I wonder if they understand that they have crossed over the border between lolita - and decora. There is something called "too much" in lolita, and often people who claim to be sweet lolitas are more often than not decora rather than lolita. The solution is to lay off the decorations a bit, stick with something that completes your outfit in a lovely way instead of pinning as much cute things onto yourself as you can.

Reason for mistake: We all love cute, and I think most of these persons simply get ahead of themselves and want cuteness rather than lolita. It's perfectly fine - it's just not lolita. Lolita is, for example, a simple bow in a colour that matches your dress, and matching earrings and perhaps one bracelet and a ring. No more.

Mistake 8: War of colours

When it comes to lolita, quite a lot of people make the mistake of mixing way, way, way too much colours. Just like any named fashion, lolita has rules, and one of them is to coordinate well. If you simply put on everything you find cute, you're losing the purpose quite a bit.

Reason for mistake: Again, the cutness love is taking over! Please, girls and boys! Calm down!

Mistake 9: Rainbow wigs

This is a difficult one to explain, especially since wigs in bright colours have become so popular in combination with lolita clothes of late, but colourful wigs are a mistake. Yes. They are. They can be as pretty as you please, but again: they are decora, not lolita. Look through any lolita magazine, and all you will see are natural coloured wigs unless you look at concept art or artistic images. This mistake is almost exclusively made my people who claim to be sweet lolitas. Girls and boys: you are wearing decora wigs.

Reason for mistake: Because those wigs are so popular, it is easy to understand why many don't understand that these coloured wigs are not lolita.

Mistake 10: Elitism

A very common, sadly, mistake is to believe that only brand clothing is real lolita. This is a dangerous assumption, because it's wrong. Lolita is a style of fashion, and as such anyone that follows the strict rules of what lolita is can design and sew them. A home made dress is just as much lolita as that Angelic Pretty JSK you have in your closet. Really.

Reason for mistake: Immaturity. Children want to be special and belong to special groups, and they make up these silly, elitistic rules. Some children never outgrow this childish behaviour.

Well, there we are. :) Some common mistakes in lolita! I hope you found it useful. <3

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Summer, heat and sweat - how to protect your lolita clothes

Summer is here in full bloom, and with it comes the sun. Of course, the sun has its advantages - the light is pretty, flowers bloom, birds sing, it's green everywhere and you can go on strolls and have picnics. It's a lovely time of year, isn't it? I love it, too. But all seasons have their charm - and their drawbacks. Maybe the biggest issues in summer are:

- Sweat
- Deodorant stains
- Tan
- Grass stains
- Fruit stains

I'll go through them one at a time, with my personal solutions to the problems. I've been a lolita for a very long time - since 2005 - and the last seven years or so I've been a full time lolita, so I battle every day problems that I feel need some kind of solution. We've all been there - all of us that wear lolita frequently, which makes me believe that this is a subject important to all of us. It is considered common knowledge that you want to wash your dresses as little as possible, which leads me to the first issue.

Sweat & deodorant stains

All people sweat when it gets hot - some more, some less, and most of us get smelly and uncomfortable. Nobody likes the wet sensation down their backs and armpits - and nobody wants to smell bad. So, what to do?

My first choice is simply this: not sweat at all. I'm sure sweat fills a function, but I don't really notice any change. I suppose it would be good to drink plenty of water if you overheat easily, though. Here in Sweden we have something called "Absolut Torr" - which comes in both as a sort of roll-on and wet wipes.

I'm sure this product is available in other countries in some form - we buy it at drug stores here. Wipe it down the places where you find you sweat a lot, like the arm pits, back and beneath the breasts (if you are a girl). This stops you from sweating where you applied it, which is such a relief. A note of caution though - always wait until it has dried before you put your clothes on, or there is a tiny risk it might stain. I haven't tried.

Note: As with everything - you have to shave your arm pits. The reason for this is not attractiveness - it's because the smell from sweat comes from bacteria. The bacteria gets stuck in the arm pit hair and makes the smell difficult to get rid of, the deodorant doesn't reach the skin but gets stuck in the hair as well, and the same goes for pretty much anything you try to apply there. If you dislike shaving, there are other alternatives for hair removal.

The second choice is, of course, to protect the clothes and get rid of the smell. No matter how much your deodorant promises, there are no deodorant out there (as far as I'm aware) that doesn't stain white clothes. An important thing to note here, is that pure cotton does not get stained. If your blouse - for example - has even the tiniest bit polyester in it, though, it will get stained if it gets in touch with deodorant.

Rule number 1 you ought to learn if you want to be a lolita (and some of you veterans could do to learn it as well) is this: never wear your lolita directly against your skin. This also goes for petticoats. Every lolita should have, besides the dress/blouse/skirt that is the outwards show, should have a petticoat (depending on dress design, of course, but usually), drawers and a slip or long chemise. The slip/chemise goes beneath everything, and should have a fairly bold neckline (so it won't be visible) and short sleeves that don't have poof. A lot of slips are sleeveless, but in summer they absolutely need to have sleeves so your sweaty arm pits doesn't touch the cloth in your blouse or dress.

If you really dislike the thought of having sleeves on your slip, or believe that simply wearing sleeves won't protect your clothes - you can sew in some extra padding just in the armpit. Some people use an oval piece of fabric - double - which they fasten with tiny snap buttons (plastic or something that won't rust!), and remove them and wash them when they are done. It's very practical if you sweat a lot. These oval paddings can be found at most stores that sell fabrics - just ask for padding for the arm pits, they'll know what you are after.

If your clothes do get stained anyway - it's hard to get rid of. There are alternatives, but you need to use them quickly after the stain - like Vanish, or applying washing liquid directly on the sweat stain. Be very careful with scrubbing! You can ruin the fabric by scrubbing to vigorously! I heard someone say you can rub pantyhose on sweat stains, but I haven't tried it so I can't vouch for it. The same goes for toothpaste with whitening it in. It may work - it may not. There are plenty of things to try out there, most of them including vinegar in some form, if you are desperate enough to risk to try it.

Deodorant alternatives
Are you terrified of deodorant stains, but absolutely need something against the smell? It's quite common for people not to wear any deodorant to spare their clothes - but the smell is a problem and the smell itself can get stuck in the clothes. I have a trick just for you.

Sweat is caused by bacteria - and the same goes for the sweat smell from clothes. There is a very easy way to solve this: apply disinfection. I know, it sounds ridiculously simple, but it works. I've always got a bottle of hand disinfection in my bag for the occassions when I'm really worried I'll smell, and it dismisses the smell instantly. Just dab a bit, and it's gone. You can use hand disinfection instead of deodorant, quite easily. Just keep in mind that some people with sensitive skin may react to it, so test yourself first.


If you are like me, you dislike getting a tan. But the sun is up there most of the time during summer, and it can't be helped. I have three tricks for this, one that works only if you are resistant to heat:

- Long sleeved boleros or cardigans
- Parasol
- Sun lotion with high UV protection

Long sleeved boleros or cardigans is really the most effective way, but they tend to get hot, so it's not for everyone. You can train yourself to withstand heat, but the road there may be a bit uncomfortable. I usually wear this, because I don't sweat all that much, but if you are to do it you need to have boleros or cardigans that can take a lot of washing.

Parasols are pretty - it's a very good lolita accessory to have. The bigger the parasol the better. I guess most people would believe it needs to be black to protect you from the sun, but so is not the case. The problem with the sun is the UV - ultra violet light - and if you have been reading up on quantum mechanics you'll know that light is particles, and thus light can "bounce" off your parasol. The light that would give you a tan won't get through the fabric, so that's one less thing to worry about.

How to find a pretty parasol though? The ones in childrens sizes doesn't really help much against the sun, so you might have look a bit (unless you buy from an online store - just keep in mind that umbrellas and parasols may not go through all customs - my sister lost a parasol in UK because of this). My personal favourites are by Lisbeth Dahl.  I own the parasol below and and I adore it. <3

When you look for sun lotion, you want the highest protection there is. 30 or more. These can usually be found among products aimed at children, so there is your best bet to look.

Grass & fruit stains

These two have caused many a people big grief through the years. What do you do when your favourite dress got grass stains on it on a picnic, and why oh why did you drop that strawberry on your lap?

Things like these  happen when you are doing something in particular - picnics or similar - and my best advice to you is to prevent it. The absolutely best way as I see it, is to always bring a double sided apron when you go on outings. Before you think 'that's not lolita - that's maid', hear me out. There is quite a difference between an apron made for a maid - and one made for a lady to protect her clothes. It was quite common during Victorian times that rich children had decorative aprons to protect their dresses when they were playing, and it is perfectly possible to do this as a lolita as well.

The best apron is one that doesn't look meant for a maid, is one that has no tie bands in the back. Instead, you have bows in the sides of buttons, and protective flounces back and front alike.

The reason for this, is that if you sit down in grass - the back of the apron will protect your skirts from the grass, and if you dribble the apron will protect your lap. They are very useful. My best advice is to have a white cotton apron, so you can wash it in high temperature - and bleach it - should it get stained.

If the worst happens, and your clothes get stained - wash it out as quickly as possible, using something that dissolves the stain quickly. There are sticks you can keep in your bag that treats stains, wet wipes can help as well and if you have it available dish washing liquid is very good at dissolving most things you drop on your lap.

Of course, there are some things that you just can't undo - like blueberry stains - so you have to be extra careful when you eat things like that.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

The dreamer

Ever since I was a kid, I've always had my head in the clouds. Pretty much. It's got nothing to do with being a day dreamer, though I did day dream quite a lot to escape the quite unfriendly reality. I've always been, as some would believe, lost in my own thoughts in my own world, and I can imagine I came off as quite a detached kid. It's not a wrong assumption, though I did see and notice a lot more than people thought I did.

Now that I'm all grown up, this hasn't really changed. I'm still detached, and if left alone I'll disappear into myself. And if I sit down with something, I can completely forget time and space, losing track of pretty much everything. I think a lot of people have noticed that, and people probably still assume that because I'm like that, I don't notice things. That's a bit dangerous, because it's wrong.

I've heard plenty of people talk badly of me, when they think I'm not listening. The funny thing about it, is that all those people who do, don't know me at all. They have no clue about anything, and some even think that I care what they think. You often hear people say that. "Don't you care what people think?", "You're embarrassing!", "What century does that guy think he's living in?"

The sad thing is - a lot of people do care what others think. I don't. Through the years, I watched people, seeing just how rotten they can be. Inside out. I've listened to the shallow conversations, I haven't missed a thing. Rotten, rotten, rotten, all of you who think you can tell others what they should do, and have an opinion on how they should live their lives. It's a drag listening to your pathetic existences and sometimes I just block all that useless talking out with music in my ears.


Not everyone is rotten, like I used to think when I was young and lonely - not lonely as in 'friends weren't around at the time', but truly lonely. As in only having two numbers in your cell phone - both to your parents. As in empty friend lists. As in no on to talk to. As in making up friends just to have someone to talk to. Truly alone.

Nowadays, that has changed. My friends are few, but precious to me. And the best thing of all, is that they understand and accept me, even if most would consider me weird. (Heh, even I think I'm weird.) But what really gives me hope, is that I've seen good people out there, too, now. Before, I didn't see anyone. All I saw was rotten people, and if I'd cared what the rotten people thought about me, I wouldn't be here now. Call it self defense if you wish. There are nice, kind and beautiful people around, and sometimes they just feel like brighten your day by acknowledging your existance - just to tell you that you are special.

It's when that happens that I feel it was all worth it. I've seen the bad, so the good shines all the brighter to me. I'm not good with words (I'm writing nonsense right now, I'm sure), so I don't say a lot, but...light does shine brighter in the dark. <3

I wonder just how many people like me there are out there?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Tummy ache and bunnies revisited

There's been some progress on the jumper, as you can see above. It's now got sleeves, and all that's left is patching up the edges, but at the moment I'm lacking bias bindings and I don't have any pink stretch fabric at home that would do the trick, so I can't really fix that now. It's unbelievably soft, but so warm! I'll only be able to wear it when it's really cold or I'm in a cold place (like school or outdoors in spring), which was a bit of a miscalculation. But do is adorable. <3

On the slightly more miserable side, this day has plagued me with a tummy ache. Owwie. ;_; Despite painkillers and a hot wheat pillow it still hurts, which is quite a big downer as I'd been planning on working today. I've at most been able to sit down and write on the book I'm currently working on, which isn't really what I'd had in mind for today, unfortunately.

I hope I'll be able to make the wrist joint for my doll's hands today. I've been having troubles with it since it's so tiny, but I think I have a plan for a wrist joint that won't break. Stay tuned. :)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bunnies and pigs

I usually never sew "normal" clothes - as I'm sure all of you know by now I almost never wear regular clothes - I mostly sew dresses or stuffed toys and when I do, it's mostly cotton or faux fur. A while back, though, I picked up this really adorable diamond fleece with pigs and bunnies on it...and then I was struck by the fact that I had ZERO ideas what to do with it.

I's really cute, but...! So it's been lying in my fabrics chest for ages, and I've been glaring at it because it's been annoyingly cute and annoyingly difficult to come up with anything to do with. So the other day I took a snap of it and let one of my social networks decide: what should I do with it?

They seemed pretty much agree between two choice: a cosy jumper or pyjamas.

It were very good ideas, actually! I'm a restless sleeper and I freeze easily, and can't sleep without a stuffed toy, so having a pyjamas in this super soft material sounds great! Then again...pyjamas is a bit too...well...regular for me. So I decided to take a Korean cut for the top, and then make bloomers for pants in another material. So the picture up there is the start of it, it will have long bell sleeves as well. So: a cosy jumper and pyjamas, in one! <3 (Though I do admit I'll probably wear it out of bed's just too cute! <3)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Yesterday, I decided to make Kanten, flavouring it with red currant for the sweet little pink cubes you see above. I'd never made Kanten before, so I found the texture rather tricky to work with. It was very prone to breaking, which was rather annoying. I don't think adding more powder would help, though. ^.^;

For you who don't know what Kanten is, it is known by another name in the rest of the world: agar (or agar-agar). It's a substance extracted from seaweed that has no odor, taste or colour, and that is a bit similar to gelatine - with the biggest differences being that agar is not bouncy and breaks easier, and that agar is plant-based. (I know vegetarians use this as a substitute for gelatine, but I wouldn't - it doesn't share any more properties than firming up into jelly.)

I stumbled over agar-agar powder in my favourite grocery store (a local one that sells tons of Asian stuff! <3), and as I'd encountered it before I decided to try. It was ridiculously easy to make and get to set - but quite difficult to flavour and cut, or even get out of the mould as it would split and break quite easily. (I don't know if there's a trick to it, but I'd be grateful if anyone knows an easy way to stop it from doing that.) The most different thing about it, as I found it, is texture. It doesn't correspond to anything I've ever eaten, which makes it interesting enough to keep experimenting with. It is light food, and as you know I like light foods much better than heavy ones, so this suits my taste well. <3

One the downside (I suppose) is that it's yet another zero calorie food I've come across, and I'm not so sure that's a good thing. I guess it would be good if you were trying to diet, but the problem as I see it is that eating things with zero calories (like this or Shirataki noodles), you most likely also get zero nutrition out of it, and that's not very good for the body. (It is said to have calcium and iron, though, but I have not been able to confirm this information.)

On the upside, Kanten is supposedly very good for your congestion as it's very high on fibers (just like Shirataki noodles), and it's also said to lower cholestrole and it absorbs glucose, bringing it with it out of the body. (If that was a bit difficult to understand, try this: it lowers the sugar levels in your body.) I'd say that it might be good as a complement to something else, and probably good if you are prone to eat (or drink) an excess of sugar. ^.~ <3

A word of caution before I go: Kanten (agar) absorbs water, so you have to drink enough water not to get dehydrated it you eat it. 

Friday, 15 March 2013

After Dark

(Babsan at the left, Christer Lindarw at the right, looking fabulous. <3)

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but one of my Christmas presents were tickets to After Dark's ´new show in Gothenburg. <3 Why pick that up now, and what's After Dark, you say? Oh dear, you haven't read my previous blog posts about After Dark? But first things first: our tickets are for the show tomorrow. So tomorrow by this time I'll be in Gothenburg (and most likely without a computer), and ridiculously happy! <3

After Dark is Swedish most famous drag show, starring Christer Lindarw as the owner, only remaining member of the original crew and twice winner of the title 'Sweden's most beautiful woman' - quite a feat for a man. (And before you jump the gun: NO Christer is NOT transgendered or even a transvestite. He is a DRAG SHOW ARTIST, meaning he only dresses like a woman for work. I'm sorry I have to press it here, but there are tons of sites out there falsely saying he's transgendered, which is wrong.) After Dark has been around for over 30 years now, and I've been dying to see them live as they are famous for very entertaining (and a bit naughty) shows.

Oh, and on a side note: I bought the camcorder this morning! <3

Thursday, 14 March 2013


I've been considering getting a camcorder for a while. Part of the reason is, because I'm not a very good photographer so I have great difficulties taking meaningful snap shots of my daily life, part because I want sound as well and not only a picture. I've also been thinking about making a videoblog, since I'm so hideously bad at updating this blog when I'm busy. The camera I've been considering is the one in the picture (pink, of course!). It's a cheap camera and probably not top-notch quality, but I think it's perfectly good for an amateur like me.

I think it would be quite fun to show you my projects and talk about them, as I do so many things it might be a bit interesting for you to see. I haven't actually ordered the camera yet, but I probably will soon, and see if I get along with it. I have (believe it or not...) improved when it comes to taking photos, much to the help of the system camera my mother let me borrow. I didn't get along with it as first, but after some tips and tricks from a friend that's a professional freelance photographer, I think I'm getting the hang of it. *laughs*

I specifically wanted a pink camera. And pink it is. Pretty, isn't it? <3

Monday, 11 March 2013

Restless Artists

I read an interview the other night, about a Swedish music artist (Yohio) who was talking about how much was going on and how little sleep he had. That he was exhausted but kept on writing songs, staying up all night. It got me thinking of something. You see, I'm one of those people who fall completely into what I do, and forget everything else. When I'm involved with something, I don't get hungry, I don't get tired and I forget all time and space. It's only when I go idle that hunger and fatigue kicks in, which isn't really a good thing. (I even put an alarm on, just to be sure I get the sleep I need.)

What I'm trying to say, is that artistic, creative people can't be idle. I can't handle having nothing to do, I go completely nutty. (Another reason why I'm called Sherlock by people... *deep sigh* At least I don't go painting on walls and shooting.) I walk back and forth like a restless horse and annoy people until I have something else to do, and then I'm all into it again. Boredom isn't my thing, laying down on the sofa to just watch tv isn't my thing, watching movies isn't my thing. I have to have something to work with, some kind of crafting. Weather it's creating things in clay, sewing, writing... I think that although I'm probably an extreme case, people who are as busy as some artists are simply can't handle having nothing to do. They hate being idle, and actually feel good being busy.

The problem with the whole thing, though, is that there's a difference between being busy and being busy. Being busy with something you like, something that interests you is much less straining than being busy with something you enjoy, that you chose yourself to do. It's also a lot easier to focus on the latter. I find it a bit funny that my 'nothing' is not the same as most people's 'nothing', because 'nothing' is 'something', but not with any artistic or educational value. Like playing a game. While I enjoy games, I don't get stuck with them for hours, and I still get restless. They keep me amused for a while, but not for long.

I wonder if this is how most creative people who get somewhere'd make sense somehow, because we get so much done.

Thursday, 28 February 2013


I'm not quite sure what's going on, but people have been constantly contacting me lately about all sorts of queries - mostly lolita-related. The two latest additions being somewhat of a surprise, and I'm really not sure how to feel about it yet. First, the local news wanted to interview me, and spent a good couple of hours asking all kinds of questions about lolita, the dresses I make and sifting through my wardrobe.

And now, a national TV channel has contacted me, and if it turns into something (I don't know - they could be asking several people and choosing among them), it might mean an unexpected trip to the capital. It seems lolita suddenly got interesting, which is a good thing I suppose. Hopefully it will spark some life into the dreadfully boring Swedish fashion. ^.~

The most frightening thing about this, though, is that quite a lot of people will see it and I don't know what to wear! @.@;;;

Monday, 25 February 2013

Pumpkin Pasties recipe

As any Harry Potter-fan, one of the things I love in the books is all the interesting food. Yesterday happened to be my birthday, and although I rarely throw parties I decided to do so this time, and decided that if I was to recreate a Great Hall dinner this was a good opportunity. I must have been cooking from morning to afternoon, ending up with a variety of dishes I found on this list: Harry Potter Food

Some dishes that appear in the books aren't really represented in real life - or weren't until the books came out. One of those things that I was really dying to try was the treat Harry buys on his first trip to Hogwarts, from the Tea Trolley: Pumpkin Pasties. Now, before this party I'd never had pumpkin, and I wasn't really sure where to buy any. The recipe I found and wanted to try was a non-sweet one - as I'm not all that fond of too much sweets - and wanted something a bit more, well, food-ish and less dessert-ish.

That recipe said to use canned pumpkin, but the pumpkin I eventually bought wasn't canned but fresh. I had a lovely talk with a really sweet cashier from the middle east, who explained with much patience the difference between different pumpkins and what you could do with them. He was delighted to hear I was doing pasties, and I was quite surprised he knew what a pasty was as it doesn't really have a Swedish equivalent.

I'm going to share the recipe with you, with some changes that I made to it. The original had cheddar cheeze, but I didn't have that so I grabbed the left over cheese I had in the fridge, which happened to be Gouda. All measurements are approximate and not definite. Any spices can, of course, be fresh.

Pumpkin pasties (16+ pieces)

1 1/2 cup fresh, minced pumpkin (Or equivalent canned - just squeeze the water out)
1 cup of your favourite cheese, grated.

Dough: 2 sheets of puff pastry, sliced in 8 equal pieces
Glaze with egg white

Mix all the ingredients, and heat the oven up to  200ºC (or 400ºF). Put out two baking trays with parchment paper. The pasties won't grow so much, but to be on the safe side, only place 8 on each tray.

Place some filling on the sticky side of a puff pastry piece (in the middle, shape the filling with a spoon), and with your thumb, press along the filling until the filling is shaped like half a moon. Cut off excess pastry with a pair of scissors, and then use a fork to seal the edge. Make a few holes in the top with the fork.

Glaze the pasties with egg white, and send it into the oven until golden brown. They're delicious both warm and cold, and can safely be heated in a microwave oven. Enjoy! <3

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Rude hagglers

You know, as an artisan I come across a lot of people interested in what I do, whether it be dresses or my handmade dolls. There are a lot of people that don't argue, accept the price for what the handiwork is worth, appreciating the art and the work of the artist.

And then, there are the "whiners". I'd like to call them whiners, because they have two things in common: they want the item, but they argue that the price is too high even if it isn't. I find this behaviour insulting, since I put a lot of time and effort into sewing, sculpting or beading, and I don't think my prices are over the normal. Still, it keeps coming back. I never cut my prices unless someone offers to by many of an item, and when these people realise that, one of three things usually happens: a) they accept the price, realising their haggling didn't work, b) they disappear without another word, realising their haggling didn't work, and c) they pull a sob story or similar.

I can accept the first two, but the third just infuriates me because it's rude and tasteless. Some woman tried to make me cut the price 50% (!!!) on an item because it was to her "wedding", trying to flatter me with claiming it looked "just like an old lost heirlom". Right, as if. The latest addition to these tasteless, rude whiners were some person claiming their father was dying (!) of cancer, and they wanted to buy one of my works as a present. Then, when I told them the price wasn't expensive, they said he'd died (!!!!). I'm speechless. It's so plain obvious it's a made up story, since you just don't tell a random person on the net such a thing. I'm horrified that people can make up something like that. Just how twisted do you have to be? What is it about internet that makes all these creeps turn up in droves? Is it because it's so easy to lie when you write? That it's so easy to put away a message and ignore the consequences, and ignore the fact that it's a real person on the other end.

I mean, this is the pouting little child gone haywire. I just don't understand what kind of person it takes to use such arguments. To draw sob stories like they were a trumph card. And what people actually buy these stories? I mean, why would these people pull such stories if they don't work?

I'm just upset that people who doesn't craft doesn't realise how much time, work and materials it goes into making something pretty. I suggest these people go and try to make it themselves, and maybe then they'll realise just how rude it is to ask an artisan to cut the prices. Sure, haggle on commercial items, but never, ever, ever haggle on artisan work.

Monday, 18 February 2013


Even though I was highly disappointed by the news article yesterday, a lot of people contacted me after seeing it, some trying to cheer me up and others for more photo shoots. All in all, I'm not upset anymore, I'm just trying to push that thing out of my mind and focus on people who appreciate art a bit more.

I have work today. I was called in the other week by a library that needed a manga artist quick, so that's where I'm going. I like these manga lectures, because they allow me to travel a bit and meet a lot of new, interesting people. It's also a great way for me to advertise myself as an artist, since more and more people hear about me. I've held so many lectures and courses by now I really can call myself a pro at it, although there's sometimes mishaps anyway. It can't really be avoided, especially if children are involved. Some children are simply more difficult to handle than others, and I'm not all that good with naughty kids. I tend to be a bit harsh, perhaps, but I feel it's necessary.

I thought I'd step by a large fabric store as well while I'm there. I don't really have time to sew much, and I don't really need any fabric - except perhaps a complement to the sakura fabric I bought for my sister's wedding - but it's always nice to wander around and see what they've got. I don't go there often since it's quite a bit of travelling and I rarely have time, so it's a good opportunity.

I always wear some level of lolita when I hold lectures, but the weather today is really boring so I don't know. I was considering wearing Shiro, but I'm a little bit worried it'll get dirty. With all the dirty, slushed snow it might not be a very good idea. Everything's visible on white! We'll see what I decide, it's still a couple of hours before I leave.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Snowfall and shortbread

(Another cute picture by KaYa <3)

While I do prefer spring and early summer if I could chose the weather, one have to admit that snow can be very pretty when it's just fallen. It's been snowing here most of the day, and the white blanket that's covering the ground reminds me a lot of icing sugar. <3

Weather like this is perfect for indoor activities, such as games, studying - or baking. Admittedly I do not eat all that much cookies, candy and other sweets since that would quickly spell disaster for the figure (and the cut of the dresses... I may have a very large collection, but they're all close cut and just one size...), but I love baking sweets anyway... The other week I made candied pineapple, which was delicisously albeit a bit sticky, and I frequently make macarons. Today, the choice fell on shortcakes. There is something about shortcakes that makes them melt in your mouth, and I really like that. I dislike heavy cakes, so I very seldom eat chocolate cakes, but the light quality of macarons and shortbreads suit me fine.

I thought I'd share one of my favourite shortbread recipes with you (and along with it my favourite resource for cookie recipes). It's a sweet variation with white chocolate and raspberry jam: Shortbreads with White Chocolate and Raspberry Jam Why don't you try it? They are very easy to get right and taste delicious! <3 I added an extra thing to them to keep them sealed together and not dribble jam all over the place: use some icing to keep them together. Just line the bottom part, and place the jam on the inside. It will be sweet, but what else are cookies for?


Well, now the newspaper is out, and I'm upset about it. Silly as it may be, I'm disappointed in how they treated it, because I don't like the picture they chose, and I also don't like how they squeezed it in on the room that remained after they smacked on a huge ad beside it. So yes, very disappointed, especially with how big a deal they made of it. Even told the photographer to take 'wrapper pictures' and everything, and then used another girl for the wrapper. Also, they neglected to correct the text in the article, even though they went through the pains of sending it to me for correction. I have no idea what they were going at, really, and I'm this close to ranting about it.

Oh well. At least they tried. And I approve of them also high lighting the fact that there are some boys that dress as lolita as well. The fuzzy line between lolita and decora was not, however. It's up for anyone's grab whether they are the same thing or not, but I don't think so. Decora is much more, well, heavily decorated than lolita.

I think the pictures taken by KaYa was much better, then again, the photographer for the newspaper had much less time to work with. I'll be very upset if it turns out there were better pictures than the one they chose... I look silly on that one, mid-grimace or something... *sigh* I feel almost insulted, but I know better than that. Anyway. I didn't accept for attention, after all, but I do feel a bit like the poor cat on the picture right now. I find it very hard to believe that after two hours worth of photographing, the chosen picture was the best they could pick. So, no. Not happy.

On the bright side, I made cake yesterday, and next week is my birthday. The plan right now is to have a Harry Potter-themed party, and I'm much looking forward to it! <3

Saturday, 16 February 2013


(Picture property of KaYa. <3 Subject and my wardrobe. ;D)

A lot of things have been going on lately, and I've never been busier. Just trying to fit my jigsaw of a schedule together has been very tricky, and among those things there have been a few photoshoots. Tomorrow there will be a short interview in a Swedish newspaper, and some pictures from one of those shoots. I admit I am a bit nervous, I haven't been allowed to see those pictures yet... I've only been told they turned out great, but I don't know, and I won't know until tomorrow. ^.^;

It's not the first time I end up in a newspaper - I've been in several, but not one as big as this one. I do admit I'm a little bit worried. I don't care much about what people think, and I don't dress up in lolita for attention - but some things just simply ring to deaf ears. I'm sure there will be plenty who think I'm just in it for attention, that I'm too old for this, that I just want to be 'special' and so on. It's a bit sad, really. I just want to say something to any of you who find my blog through the news article: I'm simply me, no one else, nor am I trying to be. I don't dress up like this for attention - I do so because I love lolita, very much, and I don't feel comfortable in any other fashion. And no, I don't do that make up every day. I usually try not to molest my skin with makeup, because that's not very good for it.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank KaYa for coming by, all the way here. It's amazing how you can find a friend in the oddest fashion! I'm happy you've been following my blog, and I'm even happier that you decided to contact me and meet me. It was great to meet you, the pictures you took were great, and the cookies tasted de~licisious! <3

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Learning kana

I'm sure most people who've found themselves interested in Japan has thought it: I wish I could learn Japanese... This isn't so much a matter of learning it to be able to talk it, as a matter of learning how to read it. Even with a basic Japanese vocabulary, actually reading it takes a bit of an effort to learn. Why? I think this is probably common knowledge, but I'll say it anyway: Japan uses so called 'hieroglyphs' (no, that word doesn't only apply to old Egyptian writing, but all pictorial alphabets) called Kanji - but that's not all, they use 'kana' as well. While you need to know about 2000 kanji to read a newspaper, there are also the kana 'Hiragana' and 'Katakana', which are simplified 'alphabets' that are easier to learn than kanji (and you can build all words using only kana). Hiragana is used for Japanese words, while Katakana is used for foreign words and names.

I say that you 'can' build all words using kana - you can - but that doesn't necessarily mean that's how the word is most commonly writen. You can get by using it though - children learn kana before they dig into kanji, and often kanji is explained using kana, since a kanji can be pronounced several ways while the kana only has one meaning per sign. Uncommon kanji often get explanatory kana in tiny letters, so it's good to know kana.

But how to learn it? It's, after all, 96 signs if you add them up. It's individual of course, but as for me, I realised that the best way for me was to first learn to read before I write. That is, learn to recognise the kana and what sound they represent. The best way for me is repetition, over and over again, and I found that this site:, was an excellent tool for repetition, and learn to quickly read a sign. After only using it for a little while, I begun being able to read the Japanese comments on, let's say, youtube. The feeling when those signs finally makes sense is so great! <3

Thursday, 7 February 2013


(Picture credit goes to YOHIO alone.)

Media has been practically buzzing lately, and everyone is talking about the 17 year old YOHIO - musician, visual kei artist and very pretty boy. Note the order of those. It seems to me that people first look at YOHIO from the aestethical point of view: he's very pretty. Yes, he is. And next, they see him as a visual kei artist (for those unfamilar with the word, it is a sort of visual style adopted by mainly Japanese rock bands within a certain genre). Fanservice, crossdressing and all that jazz. And last, they look at him as a musician. As a talented young boy making great music.

Is it only me that is saddened by this? Nowhere in that list is a person. A human being. When I first heard of YOHIO, I thought 'he must have been so lonely growing up...'. The bitterness behind the attitude feels like a stab through the heart for such a young person. He talks to birds and squirrels, and doesn't care about what people say about him. No. That's not true. I know from personal experience that children can be extremely unforgiving when it comes to someone being different, and there's not a single person alive who can go completely unfazed from spiteful words.

There is one difference though. The independent one can rationalize it and push it aside as childish, although it's not entirely without pain. You don't get that kind of independance if everyone is kind to you. YOHIO is blessed with a wonderful family and amazing friends, and I'm glad. Most of the bitterness is in the past, and that's good.

So. YOHIO, if you ever come across this blog post, and read this: I think you are a great and strong PERSON, who is very TALENTED and have great TASTE in clothing. I like your STYLE. I think you are a very good MUSICIAN, and the music you write and play is great. I love visual kei, and have done so for a very long time (back in the days when Malice Mizer was still active), and it got stuck here, too. ^.~ So I think it's great that you like visual kei as well. And finally, I think you have a beautiful soul. Yes, the outer shell is pretty as well, but I think it is the soul within that glows so brightly it makes all the difference in the world.

So keep on going and don't stop - I'm eager to see what awaits you in the bright future ahead.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A little creativity...

...goes a long way. ^.~

I may not have been complaining much here, since that's not what this blog is about, but I get a bit frustrated at winter since I can't always wear Lolita. Especially not since I'm still at University, and the days are so very long. One of the downsides with the fashion is that it trades pretty for comfort (unless you are wearing Casual), and while that's okay if you are wearing it just over the day or a few hours, being in a full get up from six in the morning to eight in the evening just doesn't work.

So during long days and days when the weather is terrible, I wear pants and regular clothes (which in my case means dress pants and classy combinations), something I'm not comfortable in and don't like. It just isn't me. So in order to make those clothes a bit more fun, I've been a) looking around for some more punk'ish clothes and b) perk up clothes I do have. I did a bit of a test today, taking one of my white turtle neck jumpers (one that is a bit too big - well, not a's medium and I wear extra-small in those...) and made it a bit more fun with pink lace ruff and some felt hearts and satin bows. <3 I have to say, it turned out pretty cute, and I'll be able to wear it for casual outfits. I'll probably adjust the jumper and start on the others once I think up a nice design. I usually wear the white turtle necks as a substitute for blouses in school, as they are easier to wash often. It's practical. They'll be a bit more fun with some lace on them though. ^.~

Do you try to perk up 'regular' clothes sometimes? Or think about it? Here's a trick for you: if you are sewing in a stretch fabric, like most tops are these days, put a piece of paper beneath the fabric. That way, it doesn't stretch out and get pulled out of shape as you sew. Happy creativity! <3

Monday, 4 February 2013

Odd one out

(From SuperLovers)

There's been quite a lot interviews lately, for several different reasons, but some of them on the subject of Lolita. I've had questions through the years about my style, but most of them along the line where I buy my clothes. When I say that I sew most of them, people are surprised, and I'm a bit curious why.

Sweden is one of those countries where fashion is pretty main stream. Nothing really sticks out, and if it does, everyone has it so it's still main stream. (That said, just because many wears it doesn't mean I think it looks good... *thinks of a lot of leggings*) But if you can walk through store upon store and think 'there's nothing here for me', then there isn't many choices left. Either you sew or import, or find that obscure little shop nobody knows about. I'd say I do all of those three.

There is so much interesting fashion out there (especially from Japan, and sometimes Korea) that you just don't find here, because they'd not have enough customers to get by. Of course, finding things this way means you have to sift through a lot of things to pick out the items that suits your style, I've to this day not found any brand where I like everything. Most of my things follow a, I suppose. I don't buy clothes to fit in, I buy clothes and accessories because they appeal to me, sometimes because they will match something.

I think it's a mistake to not buy clothes with your heart, since I feel they reflect the You quite poorly if you do. That said - of course 'regular' clothes have their time and place as well, but even then, I don't dress up in just about anything. You'd never catch me in jeans, for example. I just think that it's a shame so many people are terrified of dressing in something that sticks out. People like me and others who dress differently shouldn't have to be thought of as 'brave' or some such nonsense. It's not a matter of being brave at all. I'm not afraid to go out dressed in clothes I like because I'm not ashamed of the person I have become, and I'm not afraid what people will think about me, because if I walked around worrying about such nonsense, I'd not be able to take a single step forward as the person I am today.

I'd be walking around as someone else.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

A pink story

It's been sort of a running gag lately among my class mates at University, but I really do love pink. I just gravitate toward pink things, the latest addition to the collection: a pink kettle. It doesn't really matter what it is - if I plan on buying one, and it comes in pink, then why not? *giggles* I do have a feeling a certain somebody will draw a line at a pink car, though... But quite honestly, I'd probably buy a white one and decorate it with pink stickers. There's no such thing as 'too much pink' in my book, but pink certainly comes out better in combination with white.

To be honest, I hadn't really reflected over how much pink things I have, and that my Emacs (sort of a programming tool) had pink background was to begin with just funny things, as I'm now the only girl in my class (I'm studying to become a programmer). But when I was setting up for a lecture a little while back, I took off my pink earmuffs and pink mittens, hoisted up my pink backpack, pushed my pink bento box (with pink chopsticks in a bag with a pink snap bow on it...) aside, took out my pink pencil case, and from it I retrieved my pink pencil with the pink ruler and pink markers... It's a small wonder my notebook and cellphone isn't pink as well!

The funny thing is that for some reason most of the pink shades settle in two nuances - the one on the kettle, and a lighter, pastel colour which work well together. Now, don't look so shocked. I may love pink, but I don't overdo it to the point where it gets tasteless. ^.~ But I suppose that depends on your own personal view of pink.

But I just love pink! <3

Monday, 14 January 2013

Rose jam recipe and dolls

(Here's an excellent recipe for Rose Jam. <3 It's really sweet.)

This morning, when I ate my toast with rose jam, it struck me that I haven't updated this blog in ages. One would think I'm no longer lolita, and that I moved onto greener pastures, but fear not - I'm still here. <3 I'm still studying, though, and much of my spare time the last few months has gone into my dolls.

Not only do I still sculpt dolls (and have one in the last stages of completion, you can follow the progress here.), but I also got a Crobidoll Lance home in December (12/12/12 to be exact), which is now named Aria and is a very spoiled boy. <3 Aria is on the receiving end of my whims lately, which has earned him not only clothes but other things - like jointed hands, a laptop... *sigh* I told myself long ago that I'd never buy a bjd - they were so expensive, and then I go and fall in love with Lance, who cost as much as a brand new computer, and the rest is history. Unlike most doll owners, I don't have any long wish lists and difficulty to decide between dolls, but I have a wish. I want to get Zoltan - the prince that Aria is following around. I haven't decided what sculpt he will be yet, though... I'm having troubles finding a sculpt that looks...royal enough. I will most likely get him a Spirit Doll body, but I'm not sure about the head... I liked the look of Souldoll Chiron (human, normal skin), but I'd need to mod it to fit on the Spirit Doll body.

The second option is, of course, that I get a Spirit Doll body and make the head myself... *sigh* We'll see where we end up. ^.~

School starts again tomorrow after the winter holidays, and to be perfectly frank, I don't feel ready for the new semester. I'd have needed a week or two longer before I can go full throttle, but that's not an option unless I very suddenly and unexpectedly turn a millionaire...