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Thursday, 27 January 2011


To and fro since 2009 I've been fiddling with a fantasy novel. It started out as a idea, pushing at my mind, begging to get written down.
So I did.

Bit by bit, I managed 89 pages and got cold feet. You know, when you look at the story and think 'this is not like I imagined it'? So I did what good old Tolkien did - I started all over and just keeping the essentials. :) Now the story is like I wanted it to be in the first place!

I've translated a piece of it for you <3

Excerpt from "Karla":

When they had passed here a earlier in the morning, the streets had been empty and most of the workshops still closed. Now, a few hours later, everyone was up and the whole area was bustling with activity.
Many of the artisans along the street had part of their outside their shops under sunscreens with black slate. The air was thick with smoke from hundreds of chimneys andsmelled of tar and fresh wood. They passed several forges where the even sound of steel meeting red hot steel was heard, and now and then large clouds of steam obscured their viewas a smith downed his work in cold water.
Every street was marked out with thick pillars of stone bearing the name of the street, and each guild's symbol showing who reigned the block. They rode along the bigger street past the forges and on toward the carpenters block all the way up to Joiners Square where the biggest workshops were making furniture. The most popular masters could have as many as ten or more apprentices at once, and it was outside one of these large establishments that Cassandra dismounted. She gave the horse a gentle pat and motioned for Karla to follow her.

As always, all rights belong to me. ;) You may not alter and/or publish this text anywhere without my permission, even for closed societies.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Hodgepodge Hollow

You know, there is not much that is so relaxing as playing a delightful little game, and I have found one such sweet pastime! Hodgepodge Hollow is decidedly the cutest 'hidden object' game I have yet to play so far. And the best thing is that it's completely free! <3

Here you go: Hodgepodge Hollow

You create potions by collecting ingredients in beautifully painted 'hidden object' scenes, it is absolutely adorable! <3 I truly recommend it. And the harp music playing in the background is lovely. <3

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Danger on the horizon

The last two months have really taken their toll on me, sadly. I looked myself in the mirror last evening and I hardly recognised myself... Those dark circles weren't there before.
To have a business of your own - I knew it would be hard work - but... My six months are up and it's still not self-supportive. I've been scrambling all I can to save it, but without a big costumer - or many small - my little webshop will be doomed until such a day comes when I have a job.
Which can take years from the dark look on things.

I know that I'm always trying to be cheerful, think positive and shower you all with the pretty things in life. I still do. But I cannot hide from the fact that I am exhausted - both physically and mentally - from the stress of trying to raise the money I need to keep going and pay my bills.
I fear a breakdown is on the horizon if I can't find customers soon. So I plead to you now - if you know of any shop, store, webshop, anyone that you think might want to stock my things and sell them - please - tell me how to contact them or contact them for me.
I cannot go on like this. It's either find customers, or Strawberry Tea Party is no more. I will be seriously ill if my stress levels don't go down at this very moment.

I can feel it. Every day. Today I had to drag myself out of the bed and drink lots of sweet tea to even function, and it can't go on.

So, please.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Adorable rings

The rings I have been talking about is finally up in my shop! <3

 You can find them here: Rings

Henry Warmheart

As you all know, I don't only produce cute things - I also collect them. Whenever I get my eyes on something cute I save it and try to buy it whenever I can afford it. The latest thing I've found is this absolutely adorable teddy bear! <3

Its' name is Henry Warmheart, isn't that just adorable? <3 You heat him in the microwave and have a warm cuddly bear! <3 It's such a lovely idea! And he looks so cute. <3 I only wish there were bunnies as well, I'd love a bunny. <3

Henry found at Henry Warmheart

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Alice in Wonderland and the amazing Automata

After completing the first hat, I promptly made another one - this one Alice in Wonderland-themed. :) It was much quicker to make and fun to do. <3 It turned out great!

Also... You know my love for Steampunk and quirky inventions. As such, I'm embarrassed to tell you that I today learned a new word: Automata.
What is an automata? Well, technically it is a robot I suppose. The definition is: "1) A self-operating machine or mechanism, especially a robot. or 2) One that behaves or responds in a mechanical way."
But the thing is, that this is nothing new. I've found pictures of working automatas as old as from the 18th century. Back then, they worked much like advanced music boxes that not only played music, but moved as well. Birds singing in their cages, women playing harpsicords... Many thing these dolls are creepy, but they fascinate me.
Look at this amazing doll made for Marie-Antoinette:

and this lovely singing bird eerily similar to a real bird in sound:

A mini hat and an early gift

My parents came by yesterday - with an early birthday gift for me! <3 An ironing-board! <3 A real one! For years I've only had a small board to put on the table, which was too wide for my blouses and too small to actually do much ironing on.
And now I got a real one. <3 It's narrow enough for my blouses and dresses, and it can stand on it's own! I'm so happy. <3 All I need to do now is redress it, it came with a really odd-looking cover that would be more suitable as a child's linens than the cover of my ironing-board... *giggles*
...maybe I should add lace to it too...

And I've made a hat! <3 Took hours to finish since I'm such a detail freak...but...isn't it just adorable? <3

It's on Etsy now, here: Mini hat Since it took such long time to make - the roses mainly - I had to make it more expensive than the other cakes. ^.^; I'm sorry. But when I put my prices I have to think about tax and how expensive it is to live and craft in Sweden.
I will probably make a similar hat to myself when I have the time. <3 It is so cute!

Friday, 14 January 2011

More cakes addicting! *girly giggle* I've made more cakes, making cream tops is so FUN! <3 I have to make more designs!
Also, working on the most sugary cute mini hat you'll ever see. <3 It'll be pink and look just like a pastry! <3

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A slice of Love

Yesterday I received a package I had been expecting from Taiwan: a lovely bunch of beautiful felt fabric. <3 I had ordered them for a purpose - to make the cutest cakes and pastry. So yesterday I started making this little cake slice, a true labor of love.
I even managed to make successful cream tops. <3 Isn't it adorable? I plan on making even more cakes and pastries since Valentines Day is coming up soon enough. <3

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Strawberry Cake

While a big slice of Strawberry Cake might not be the most suitable all have to agree that this blissful litte artistry is so sweet you can't help it! <3 So, yes, I had cake for dinner today.
A lovely strawberry cake with fresh strawberries and lots of whipped cream. <3 Yum!

(Picture from Foodbeam)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Masters of the world

I love all things that are beautiful, and this - of course - includes art. I have always admired the old masters, able to make such detailed paintings they make their charges come alive.
It's a precious thing.
I found this book about such old masters, and if you love art - especially artwork of women - you should read it.

You may read it here: Master Paintings of the World

Friday, 7 January 2011

Empire dress finished!

Now it is finally finished, and I am so pleased with it! <3 It turned out just like I wanted it to!

It's now here on Etsy: Dress on Etsy

Thursday, 6 January 2011

A dream of pastel and cuteness incoming!

I am almost done with the first of the pastel Spring sets, namely the pastel yellow one. <3 This gorgeous little empire dress is turning out better than I expected it to! Some details like the lining at the throat left and a zipper, then this baby will be up for sale. <3

Also, I'm awaiting a shipment of materials, so look forward to felt pastry, rings and hairclips with cakes and cookies! <3 Ah, and I will make a pair of earmuffs with Alice in Wonderland theme. <3 It will be the cutest!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Years and dress musings

First of all, I wish you all had a wonderful New Year and that 2011 will treat you well. <3 I had a lovely New Years eve, we listened to a concert in the snow and watched the fireworks at the strike of ten. <3 I didn't exactly party, since I am not particularly fond of loud music or alcohol... So this suited me well. <3

I've started on the spring dresses, and I'm really puzzled... I'm thinkin about how to make this sweet little empire dress look really lovely. So far the dress skirt is lying over my sewing table without ornaments, since I'm still thinking... I think that maybe I should see if I can find some lovely flounces that come in the same color, or maybe I should try to adjust the knife on my overlock and custom make them...
I don't know. ^.^; I will however add white flowers as decorations, and they will look absolutely adorable. <3

Also...I'm looking for a small work. Nothing fancy, I can do most things. I just want something small if I have a bad month with my webshop. I really don't want to lose it.

For you Swedish readers: Om någon känner någon som vill anställa mig på 25% (helst i Norrköpingstrakten) snälla hör av er! Det skulle göra att jag kan satsa på min butik, och det vill jag!