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Saturday, 30 October 2010

The glamour and lure of the theatre

As I have said before, I had the great luck to be trainee at a theatre last year, and it's something that have always been fascinating me ever since I was allowed up on the attic of a great opera house many years back. All the things you find at such a place...ah, it is truly inspiring. <3
I could indulge in feathered fans, extravagant jewellry, tiaras, stockings, tutus, period dresses, corsets...I could stay there forever. The sheer glitter and luxury fascinates me. It isn't Lolita...of course it isn't, at least not for us to wear, but I adore it so much!
I have been playing with the thought of creating real, period corsets and other accessories inspired by the theatre and opera... I have so many ideas for so many beautiful things. I wonder if I could open a theatre/opera part of the webshop, or if that would be overdoing things...

(Bild hittad på: 17th century wedding gown )

Friday, 29 October 2010

The Phantom of the Opera and friday evening

As far as fridays go, this has been a very slow day. Of course, slow days can be pleasant in their own way, but to sit idle on a friday... Well, I thought I needed something to do besides knitting more bonnets. I found this addicting little point-and-click detective game. The theme is the Phantom of the Opera and I couldn't stop playing!
I must say that I really recommend for this very reason, they have many interesting mini-games when you truly have nothing better to do. On rainy, cold days like this one. <3 I found it very pleasant to play while knitting.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

A new dress and rainy days

Yesterday I finally put the scissors to that lovely black/gray/white cirkus-fabric, and this is how it turned out! <3 I spent the whole day sewing but I'm so happy with how it turned out! I may add a second black flounce a little higher, but I haven't decided yet. :)

The coming days will be quite gloomy if the weather forcast is correct, with quite a lot of rain and warmer temperatures for the season. But I'm not worried! <3 It's already snowing up north so I'm positive that the colder weather will be back once it has gained new strength.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Frosty nights and a white Christmas tree

Tonight was yet another cold autumn night, so when I got out on my daily walk all the grass and moss were crusted with a fine layer of winter white frost. I don't know about you, but I love frost. <3 The air gets cold and fresh and everything smells so nice... It is truly my favourite time of year! Even if I do require some new, warm tights.
Hm. I wonder if I can sew those myself...

And this is for you, Coco! We discussed Christmas trees yesterday, and you said you were curious about a white one. I found this beautiful picture browsing the net:

(I did not take this photo. Credit goes to the photographer, though I have no idea who that is!)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Rain, chocolate and a new working desk

Most people tend to dislike rain, but if it's not raining too often I rather like it. Today we awoke to the gentle pitter-patter och rain against our French balconies. Listening to the sound is quite soothing, and wrapped in lots of blankets and pillows the morning could hardly be sweeter. <3
In chilly mornings like these, a cup of hot chocolate with caramel sugar is just right. Here's my recipe for you:

- 2 large cups of milk
- 2 tablespoons of cranulated sugar
- 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
- Some whipped cream
- A few pieces of caramel/candied sugar.

Heat the milk slowly, while whisking up a foam in it. The second it starts boiling, take it off the stove. Briskly whisk down the sugar and cocoa until the cocoa is completely whisked in. Pour the chocolate into a big cup of your choice, put in some caramel sugar, and a spoonful of whipped cream on top. Yum. <3

Yesterday I received a new working desk! It's almost four times the size of my old one, so now I finally have enough space to work on. <3 It's perfect! All I need now is some small boxes to put my things in...since the new desk has no drawers...

Friday, 22 October 2010

First snow and the knitted muff is finished!

Tonight we arose to a white world. I had expected a few flakes, having read and re-read the weather reports, but there were a lot more snow than I had expected. It had patches here and there, of course, but most of the ground was covered with powdered snow.
Of course, I couldn't resist talking a stroll in this winter wonderland. It was so beautiful. <3 Especially with the sun coming down and touching the ground, turning every little snowflake into a diamond of ice.

As I write this, I'm drinking a cup of hot chocolate with caramel sugar, listening to classic music. Outside the clouds are gathering as if there will be more snow, but inside it is comfortably warm. <3 It's been a great day for knitting today, so I finished the muff I started on yesterday. I couldn't resist adding some details to make it look absolutely dreamy...

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Victorian collar and a knitted muff

A year ago I had the great opportinity to be a trainee at a real theatre, in the costume area. While I did indeed help out with other things when need arouse (such as laying the tables in the giant dining hall when there were especially many guests), my first and foremoust duties were to the costume atelier.
Theatres has always fascinated me, as I expect they do many, so I was in Heaven when I started out. I fell in love with everything. Every spangle, every frill, every bead and glittering shoe... The glamour was dazzling. Of course, it was hard work, but... It was one of those opportunties of a life time.
As I was there - both mending, adjusting and some sewing - I learned a great deal about period clothing. Corsets in particular. As I've always been in love with the 19th century, I was bound to create something inspired by that area...
So today I sew a collar. A corset being far too complicated to sell in my webshop at the moment, this collar originated from a sketch I had in my workbook.What do you think?

Maybe it was The Little White Horse - I don't know - but I just wanted to create something a bit more period. And as we speak I am knitting a white muff - knitting braids on it if you know what I mean? We'll see how it turns out. :)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Saffron buns and a really silly problem

I have a problem. And it's so silly, such an i-land problem that I'm almost ashamed of myself - but just almost. Remember the gorgeous fabrics I ordered from Japan? I've been mulling over what design would be most suitable for a dress in each of the fabrics.
The black one with circus motif I think would look very nice as a JSK, so it's not really a problem. The other one on the other hand... The white fabric is really giving me a fright. It's so pretty, so gorgeous, I want to make the finest dress out of it...but the mere thought of putting scissors to it and actually cutting it gives me willies.

See? It's really silly...and yet... I'm absolutely terrified I'll cut it wrong somewhere! >.< Or that it won't be as pretty in my head as when I actually make it. Of theory I could always buy more fabric... Bah! I don't know what to do about it. ^.^;; I think I'll lay it beside my sewing machine and stare at it some more until I'm 100% sure of what I want to make of it. *sigh*

As it's been a particularly tough week - as I told you - we've been splurging on candy and cookies. And this evening I'm baking saffron buns - in October! I know, it's way too early but...but...! I love saffron buns...

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Moving house and winter drawers

This has been a busy day indeed! The fabric I had ordered arrived yesterday afternoon, but as I was too tired and busy to fetch it at the local post office, we did so this morning - on our way to the library. The library where we live is such a cute little thing... It doesn't have all that much books, and it doesn't cover more area than maybe slightly larger than your average flat, but - it's so sweet. The atmosphere is great, the librarians nice and chatty, and the little books they do have are interesting.
As we got back from the library (parsel with fabric clutched tightly) the rain picked up, so we had to use our umbrellas. It was rather pleasant, tripping along in the drizzle, watching the lovely coloured trees.

A quick lunch later my father called, and he picked us up to help my parents move house. I expect we will help them every day now until they leave on sunday - it will be busy times indeed. I'm uncertain just how I will juggle work and this (especially since my father wanted a pair of pants adjusted - and like all who don't sew themselves, he believes it will only take a few minutes...), but we will have to manage. Plan A) right now is to buy lots of candy and cookies to keep us happy when we get home, but I'm not sure I like that kind of plan...

As for the webshop, I'm currently creating more lovely winter items. At the moment, I am focusing on crisp white and off-white in a lovely combination. Yesterday I put up a sweet, hand-knitted bonnet in the webshop, and tonight I'm sewing warm winter drawers in a light, breathing fleece fabric (finer than the thick fleece more commonly used). They will be adorable. <3

Monday, 18 October 2010

The cold preserves and old books

The cold is slowly but surely giving in, but it's still not letting go this time around! I admit I do feel quite silly beading and sewing while goughing and whining. I am blessed with a much patient beloved. <3
During my more...pitiful moments...I took the opportunity to re-read 'The Little White Horse'.

The Little White Horse is truly a book suitable for Lolitas. It's a fairytale, and written as fairytales are with all the wonderful descriptions of how beautiful the world is, the clothes, how delicious the food, how sweet the animals, how pretty the flowers... It's a symphony of beauty for one who still has their imagination. Of course...there are a couple of things to which I don't approve (God is quite important, and cousins do get married - at the age of 14 nontheless!) but the overall book is sweet and I love it. <3

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Pearls and satin

As I restocked, I realised that the bright pink facetted pearls were running low, along with a few other items, such as satin bands. I saw it fit to restock these as well, and I also took the opportunity to see whether the colour of the bright purple gems was right. I have been considering making crowns in different variations, both traditional and the tiara variations I currently make for the webshop.
I never expected the tiaras to be quite as popular as they have been, but as it is now I have perfected the recipe for them. Using only two pieces of silverplated metal thread, the entire crown is more or less made in one piece now and lack the prior metal shining through here and there.

Also, I was forced to take a trip down town (despite the cold being far from over) to buy satin bands. Black was entirely out, and the pink organza bands I use for the pink cat ear diadems had run out.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Refilling stock and a terrible cold

The past week has been busy indeed, and a terrible cold has made the work heavy and slow. Of course, it is only to be expected that some items in the shop is more popular, but they've gone so fast I couldn't keep up! So right now I'm stocking up on quite a few things that are currently sold out, so it will be a little while until I make something new.
I have a sweet bolero in mind though, that will be perfect with the luxurious winter dresses. But before that... Well, I have clothes to sew! I'm expecting a shipping from Japan with some fabrics I have ordered. Here you will see them:

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Cupcake earmuffs

A late night update, but I just wanted to post this for you, Coco. :D

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Nothing as sweet as a lollipop bag

I've had this thought mulling in my head for days... The swirl of a lollipop, and I couldn't let it go. I couldn't decide...should I make earmuffs? Or a bag? What material to use?

And today I started on it - and finished it. <3 It got so cute I just had to keep working on it. It'd be the perfect accessoar for a sweet lolita in winter! <3 I can see just how cute it would be with this and the bunny scarf (they are both hanging on my mannequin at the moment) so I hope they will be sold together. <3 I know I'll definitely sew a similar bag and bunny scarf for myself!

Lollipop bag from Strawberry Teaparty

Cupcakes and Christmas ornaments

Sometimes you just find something so cute - you just can't help yourself! That's how I felt today as I found these adorable Christmas ornaments - shaped like cupcakes!

They are going to be so cute in our Christmas tree! <3 We have 'themed' Christmas ornaments in our tree, silver glitter garlands, small lights, pink and silver spheres and candycanes. So these will fit right in. <3

While at it I also bought white and blue fleece fabric to sew more things for the webshop, and pink and white yarn for more scarves. <3 Look forward to it!

To Strawberry Teaparty's webshop!

Finished dress, bunny scarf and macarons

There are so many cakes and cookies and pastries out there, the macarons are the ones I've had most trouble with - and never gave up on! I've tried to listen to every tip I've gotten, but they've never turned out well. Yesterday the book I had ordered arrived (I <3 macarons by Hisako Ogita) so I just had to try her way of doing macarons...and it worked! <3

They got perfect this time around. <3 And I'm so happy! They turned out exactly as they were supposed to - they even got that cute gloss! <3

Besides baking I have finished the dress, and here comes picture as promised. <3 And while I was at it I made a hat with cat ears (isn't it just adorable?) and a bunny-scarf! <3

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Froggy pants and a gorgeous dress

My father is a golfer. He talks golf, he dreams golf, he watches golf on tv, he plays golf... And I think it's rather cute to be over 50 years old and still passionate about a hobby. So when he pointed at a red fabric with happy, singing green frogs on it and said 'I want a pair of golf pants in that fabric!' I couldn't very well say no...
So, I  have been sewing froggy pants for my dad. *giggles* And they just got finished, so he'll look absolutely dashing on his next golf round...

Besides sewing froggy pants, I found this gorgeous turquoise fabric with little white dots...and I just couldn't help myself! It will be a gorgeous dress - just as gorgeous on a Lolita as a bride's maid (that's what came to mind). It will be up on asap! <3 Here's a little picture of the top so you know what it will look like!

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hand held mirrors and felt carrots

A while back I had the idea to make soft toys that looked like carrots, but I couldn't really find the fabric I needed in the right colour - and to the right price! But today I found it, so I'm currently sewing a very happy carrot in felt fabric. It's so cute you just want to cuddle it! <3

And I have awesome news for you! <3 I just got these gorgeous hand held mirrors in stock so they are now up on the webshop for sale! Aren't they just beautiful?

Friday, 1 October 2010

Cherryflavoured macarons and a teacup dress!

Today I have been making pink macarons, which I plan on filling with cherryflavoured filling! <3 I love macarons, don't you? They're just so cute and sweet and perfect with tea! I hope the book I ordered arrive soon...I can't wait!

Yesterday I realised I had enough of a gorgeous lilac fabric with cute teacups on to make a dress! <3 So I've cut out the fabric to sew it together today, it's going to be so cute! I promise I'll post a picture for you to enjoy. It will be available in my webshop and on my account as soon as it's finished! <3

Don't forget to go there! <3 Strawberry Teaparty on and Strawberry Teaparty webshop

The special offer this month isn't up yet, but I'll tell you what it is! <3 I will include a secret present with every order in October! Don't miss out on your special gift!