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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Castle in the sky

Everyone has dreams, whether realistic or not, we dream and I think that it's important to be able to. :) The day you stop dreaming, I wish it will be the day when you have everything you could ever wish for, and live a happy life. <3
Unfortunately, most people who stop dreaming stop simply because they give up the dream. I think that's sad.
Even if it's just a small one, I think dreams are precious. For me, I have many dreams, and I hope you do too! <3 The big dream, the one I don't think will come true but still love to sigh over, is a castle of my own. Silly, perhaps, but why not? If I could have whatever I wanted, I'd build that castle, and I would make it our own world, just mine and my beloved. A private sanctuary, with beautiful gardens, horses and a little lake.

What do you dream about? That secret castle in the sky, where everything is possible?

(Art by Jim Warren)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A warm day

As I woke up this morning, there was no doubt that it will be a warm day today. The sky was the beautiful, pale blue that promises heat, and not a single cloud in the sky.
Stubborn as I am though, I'd decided to pick more wild strawberries. *laugh* I managed to gather a litre before the heat forced me to go home, dizzy as if I'd travelled in an all too fast merry-go-round... Right now I'm drinking lemonade and making jelly. <3
Summer is wonderful like that, don't you think? So much berries and fruit to make jams, jellies, cakes and syrup from. It's a shame we don't have a garden, but have to make do with wild berries. *sigh* We are experimenting with a gooseberry-bush on our balcony though. :) I'm a little bit worried about the winter, but I hope we can protect it so it won't die when the temperature drops but goes on to give more berries next summer.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

A lovely morning

Today I woke up to such a lovely, sunny morning! <3 The birds were singing outside and fluffy little clouds promised a lovely day - but I knew better after all the rain we've had! *laughs* So I hurried out on a walk, there haven't been a lot of opportunities lately, armed with a folded umbrella (pink with hearts - what else?) and a plastic bag.
You see, I was hoping to find some wild strawberries - and dear me, did I ever!

This was what I collected before the mosquitos were too happy to see me and I fled, but there were much, much more! Tomorrow I will most definitely pick more, properly prepared with tea tree oil this time... We ate as much of these as we could, and I made jam of the rest.
What a morning!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Midsummer Solstice and take 2

Today is the longest day of the year - the midsummer solstice. :) Do you plan to celebrate it? Here most people are celebrating it on friday, due to work and other responsibilities. Modern time's business have pushed it toward the weekend for practical reasons.
Seeing the cloudy skies today, I hope there is sunshine on friday! :) A lot of people have worried that there won't be enough flowers to dress the midsummer pole, but if nothing else, it will be dressed in green as tradition haves it. <3

I found an interesting piece of fact about the midsummer traditions here. We call the midsummer pole 'Majstång' sometimes (though 'midsummer pole is more common now), which is directly translated 'May pole'. HOWEVER, it turns out that the Swedish traditions were different from the fertility symbol with the same name... Here in Sweden 'Maj', means to 'dress in green', and it was never a fertility symbol at all!
It is a very common misconception, but in this case - the meaning was indeed lost in translation.
The truth is that people dressed the pole in leaves and flowers, and danced around it hoping for the flowers and leaves to give them good crops and grow.
Isn't it interesting how we can forget the reason behind a celebration over time?

(A pretty good American adaption of the Swedish midsummer pole, taken from, however, we usually dress the rings with green too - and some poles have more than 2 rings, and the ribbons are never hanging loose but wrapped around the rings.)

I've started up a second doll, a male one this time. :) Sort of. It's a bishounen so I suppose it's an 'in between' rather than a boy doll. So far only head and body done, will do the limbs when I have the time.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Today I woke up to the sound of rain. It had made its' way into my dreams too... It feels good to know I have no pressing matters to attend to. Just need to buy eggs sometime during the day. :)
Have you ever made your own raincoat? I was considering giving it a try to make a cute one (Swedish designs are oh! so boring...) but I'm a bit uncertain how to make it waterproof at the seams. I think I read somewhere about rubbing them with a candle, or put some proofing on the inside.
I mean, wouldn't it be adorable with a Lolita-styled raincoat? <3 I already have a Lisbeth Dahl umbrella, but you never really avoid all the rain with an umbrella... Even a cute one. Wellingtons have started coming in really adorable designs lately, have you seen? I suppose some would protest, but I do believe there are some wellington designs that do indeed suit Lolita. :) (Of course, shoes to change into when out of the rain is a must! Do you have a bag to protect your shoes?)

And maybe these would suit your taste, Duni? :D I thought of your designs right away when I saw them;

(These lovely wellingtons are from Blue World Gardener )

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wild strawberries

I was so lucky during my walk today! <3 I came across ripe wild strawberries! I picked as much as I could! <3 Unfortunately I got so excited I forgot to take a photo...but...wild strawberries! <3 And lots of them!

Elves and humans

There are a lot of fantasy worlds out there - both in books and unpublished ones - where there are elves and other magical beings. My world where Karla lives are no different... But since I tend to put a lot of thought into detail, I started thinking about why elves look young and live so long.
I'd already decided that humans and elves should belong to two different species, and as such can't reproduce (I'm so tired of all half-half-being better than full stories...). The same goes for all species, pretty much. No half-dragons in my kingdom, no thank you! *giggles*
You know how they often say human cells can only divide as many times? I thought about it. What if elves were another multicellular being whose cells didn't divide, but clone themselves? That would explain why elves live so long, and why they keep looking young. I was also thinking they don't get scars for the same reason, but they are unable to regenerate if there are no cell that can clone - if they lose an arm for example.

I'll give it some more thought...

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Mad Tea Party

I assume that Alice in Wonderland-themed tea parties are not all that uncommon, but yesterday I encountered a blog where they'd had a truely 'Mad tea party'. It looked so much fun! *giggles* With tea cups in all different designs, very different, oddly designed pastries and knick-nacks all over the tables!
I don't think I've seen so much color and sparkly things in one place before... *laughs* I think it would be very fun to have such a tea party, maybe it's an idea for summer! <3

Just read an article that was a bit upsetting, and unfortunately I know how that feels. It was about a woman who were having guests travelling over to stay with her for a while, and so she wanted to greet them with a great dinner. The minute they arrived though, they just put in their luggage and said 'we're going to eat dinner with mrs and mr x, bye!' and disappeared, and the dinner she'd made for them was spoiled.
I really dislike it when guests book up their entire stay with other people, because it really feels like you're just a place to sleep. It's very rude!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Finished doll

After weeks of sculping I went through the process of making the third try at a head (seeing as the two previous tries had been quite disappointing) and I'm happy with this one. <3 Project doll is finished! *giggles* Sculping open eyes were too advanced for a beginner like me, so she is sleeping. :)

I've been working on clothes for her, I'll show you as soon as they're finished. <3 It's a lot of tiny detail work! I have a half-finished petticoat so far. If I go through with my plans she'll have a blouse and a long skirt.

With summer, so has the mosquitos arrived... And they apparently like my blood. >.< So now the scent of tea tree oil is lingering everywhere in the apartment... *laughs* It's the best against mosquito bites. <3

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Thunder and a beautiful morning

Tonight was a really scary night, thunder striking over and over again. It lit up the whole bedroom, and it was really hard to fall asleep. That, and the skies really opened up! It's been a long time since I had such heavy rain... The sound of it against the balcony was so loud it was pretty much impossible to ignore. ^.^;

This morning greeted us with a cool wind and cloudy skies, and all the birds that hid during the storm has come out to sing. <3 The rustling of leaves outside is far from the thunders of last night, and the temperature is just perfect for relaxing.
It looks like today will be a beautiful day, with patches of sunlight instead of scorching heat. <3

Tried to rent Tangled today too. Still no copy at the store. :(

Oh, I almost forgot! I found this picture on the net:

It looks like Marie Antoinette's wet dream. Do anyone know where it's from?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

New dress

I've been sketching and searching for inspiration for a new, summery dress. It's a bit tricky since I wanted it to be cool, but still don't show too much skin. :s So I've been sketching and sketching and well...gave up a bit. ^.^; Then I saw a very classy riding suit, and finally got some ideas. :)

So I made this riding suit-inspired jsk with matching black, velvet hat. <3

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Strawberry cake and adjustments

I have a's called 'strawberries'... *blushes* With summer in full bloom, the little booths that sell strawberries pop up everywhere, one cheaper than the other promising to have the tastiest berries.
*sigh* This is what I love the most about summer. <3 Fresh, newly picked strawberries so easy to get, and make all kinds of goodies out of! <3 Like stewed strawberries, jam, marmelade...cakes of all kind and shapes... So, I made a sponge cake, with strawberry jam and lemoncurd filling, whipped, sweetened cream on top with strawberries and chocolate hearts as decorations.

Ahh, I love summer. <3 (Though the heat is awful...)

Also, I'm reworking the doll's knees to make it easier for her to stand. :) Trial and error, my dears! <3

The appointment

This day didn't start out too well, with another attack right before I went to the doctor. He, however, had good news. :) He ordered me not to stress up and to get plenty of sleep - no more late nights for me - to eliminate what's causing the attacks. He called it 'panic attacks', which he explained doesn't need panic or fear like normal anxiety attacks. It just affects the body and it's not dangerous. ^.^
I must say I'm relieved, and Sticky - you don't have to worry anymore now. <3

He also checked my blood pressure while at it and went 'woah' at how low it is. o.o; Small wonder I get dizzy every time I stand up...

RIGHT! No more boring medical stuff now. <3 Here, have a cute kitten. <3

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Learning curve

This weekend has been so busy! I've been sewing so I haven't had much time to work on the doll, but I did make a head for her - semi-failed one though... I made a mistake when I shaped it up, so the head is a bit too big and her chin juts out too much - it makes her look really pouty. *chuckles*

Either way, I'll have to remake her head. :) But I'm pleased with her eyes.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Updating again!

I had a lot to do today, but right before I scurried off down town the mail woman rung the doorbell - and delivered the package from Luts! <3 Had a quick look at the contents before I left, and the wig is absolutely gorgeous. <3 It's so soft, and really pretty.
Once I got home I restrung her with proper elastics, which made her so much more stable and balanced. She now easily sits, stands and holds poses! And after some fine tuning (I found such a cute set of miniature files!) she has no hitches either. :D
...and of course I couldn't resist using a few pieces of scrap fabric to make her underwear... I never knew making miniature clothes would be so fun!

Standing up!

This morning greeted me with sunshine, and a patch of sunlight shining right in on my workbench and the clay lying there... Since yesterday, I've been itching to make my girl stand, and now she does. <3 Sculpted and baked her right leg this morning, and now she can stand on her own!
Of course, the make-shift elastic she uses right now (waiting for better elastic to ship) is a bit...flopsy? So her joints is a bit loose with it, but now she can stand and sit up on her own. With the better, firmer elastic I'm sure she will be able to pose for us. ;)

Next step up is arms and hands. :)

Thursday, 2 June 2011


A quick little update before I head to bed. :) I made feet and one leg today, test-strung it and it seems to be stable so far! Only think I'm a little worried about is the metal loop in the feet. We'll see. :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Doll in progress

Today I really started sculpting the doll, by making the two-piece body. It was so difficult to fit those two pieces together! *laugh* But after some tuning they fit like a glove. <3
A lot of dolls out there are really skinny, or has giant boobs, but I wanted my doll to be sweet and innocent - and pretty. So I did her slightly swaybacked, since I find that cute, and gave her a feminine tummy. She's not slender at all, which suits me perfectly. <3 Her tummy is the cutest thing so far. *laughs*
And I gave her small breasts, which will fit well with the Lolita-clothes I plan on dressing her in. She'll be slightly smaller than my original schematics, but I don't feel that will be much of a problem. :) The difference will just be a centimeter or two.

Next legs I think! Let's see how that will turn out... *giggles*