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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The doll is nearly done!

I'm almost there now! :D Shin'ya is almost, almost done. He just lacks one foot, and then I have to do some very minor adjustments to his knee joint because he's kicking a little bit. :) One month, that's how long he took to make! I'm getting faster! :D

Isn't he pretty? I'm very pleased with the sculpt of this doll... He looks so sweet and innocent even without his hair (Which I'm expecting to receive in the beginning of September.).

I also had a request for a pattern on a cape, and here it is. :)

Friday, 3 August 2012

Doll project

Now it's been a while again, I'm sorry. :( I just get so absorbed in whatever I'm doing that I completely forget things like posting on my blog. ^.^;; I'm happy I have so much faithful readers that keep coming back. Thank you! *bows*

The doll I'm working on right now is coming along well. :) Here he is:

He's going to have yellow eyes and lilac hair - I found the perfect wig for him as well! This is the one, but with lavender instead of pink:

It's a pre-order, limited edition wig and it's going to look perfekt on him! :D I had lots of problems finding a good wig - not that the wigs I did find wasn't pretty, they were! But they were too short. :-/ This one will reach his butt, so it's just the right length. I have yellow glass eyes for him as well, they're not fitted yet, but here is a picture before I completed his facial features and fitted the eyes:

And his face after I did the last sculping of it (I hope):

(Picture was taken late, so he's not quite that bright.)