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Friday, 30 September 2011

Chilly morning and lolita tips

Looking out this morning, I just know it's going to be a cold day... And because of that, I'm going to give you more of my Lolita-tips! :D How to stay warm in a skirt!
We all know the problem. When the temperature drops, there comes a time when bare knees is cold and when you really need something a bit more warming than a cardigan or a cape. But how to persist through a snowy winter without freezing to death?
It is possible, my lovelies. <3


First step is to protect the legs from the wind. If you sift through the tights at different clothing stores, you will find that they come in many lolita-friendly designs and various thickness. You can either get yourself a pair and wear it instead of knee-highs, or you can get a skin-coloured pair and wear knee-highs outside. :)
The second option is actually not so bad, and it's definitely warm. For this I recommend footless tights.

Warm drawers

One of the first items a true Lolita ever gets (beside a skirt) is a pair of drawers. Whether homesewn or bought, they follow us all year around. In winter though, they have a second, very important purpose. :) In winter, wear drawers that are as long as you dare (it's all right if they peek a little bit, if it's not too much) - since winter skirts are recommended to be an inch or two longer (it makes a big difference!) that's easy. :)
Secondly, think about the material. Flimsy cotton won't keep you warm at all! I may have mentioned it before, but knitted drawers or drawers made in warm, soft fabrics (like fleece or plush). If you feel very insecure about how other Lolitas may think if they see certain fabrics (even though they seem ideal for warm drawers) then sew them in double fabrics - one on the outside that looks all right, and the warm, soft fabric on the inside.


For all of you who live in a climate where it gets colder in the winter, and who's been wearing Lolita at an everyday basis, knows that not all dresses or skirts are suitable for any weather. For example, some dresses really hate rain, and some get too hot in summer - or too cold in the winter.
Chosing the right dress is almost as important as chosing the right coat or the right shoes (don't wear thin, leather shoes in winter, you'll regret it!). Avoid all fabrics with polyester in them in winter, and always wear long sleeves.
In winter, in combination with a nice coat, a little bit longer skirts and dresses are allowed, I even recommend them. An inch or two is quite all right, just to keep your knees a bit warmer. Also, I don't recommend synthetic petticoats in winter, because they gather too much cold beneath the skirt. Wear a multilayered one instead!


Of course, the ideal shoe or boot in winter would be a bulky, ugly thing that would not do for us at all! So what to do? Either we take pains on going through every shoe store we can find - both on and off the net - for the perfect boots...or we take an 'all right' boot/shoe and make it work! :)
How? Read on. <3
One idea, that might work best for EGL or more classy styles, are gaiters. :) You can easily make them yourself in any suitable material (washable is recommended though), put elastics under the sole of the boot/shoe and button it up every time you wear them. :) It would make any shoe or boot look classy, and even out the ugliness.
A new thing that has popped up lately I've noticed (may or may not be new - but I recently noticed!) is a fake 'fold-me-down'. That is, you pull them on before your boots, and then fold them over the top. The models I've seen are faux fur ones, and they look very cute. <3
I'd say that in combination with regular boots would enhance them and pretty them up. Another tip is also to change the shoelaces into satin ribbons. :) It looks very charming.
For socks, I recommend knitted knee-highs, and/or tights and shorter socks in angora, that can be folded down prettily. 
And if your feet are still cold? Then go to a shoe store and buy thermo soles to put inside your shoes/boots (they come in big sizes so you cut them in the right one). They'll make a huge difference. <3

Did I forget anything? o.o Oh, yes! I did! Scarves and hats!

Scarves, hats and earmuffs

There are a lot of charming hats and scarves out there, but it might be hard to find suitable ones. For me, I go with earmuffs or a knitted bonnet, because they both look cute and feel warm. :) Bonnets are really easy to make (even if it takes a bit of time), and are easy to make cute.
Scarves, well, I recommend knitted ones, or faux fur ones (like the cat or bunny scarves I sell). Because I greatly dislike synthetic materials, especially in winter, because it both doesn't look nice and it's not very warm. The only thing I could find acceptable, is if you make something out of coral fleece. (Coral fleece is not like regular fleece, it's much softer and with 'hair' much like faux fur.) Like...a cape with a hood, with bunny ears maybe. :)
Be creative! <3 It is possible to be warm and still be cute! <3

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Books and blouses

Today the school books I ordered arrived! Weighing a wooping 5 kg. Phew! :) Thankfully I brought the shopping bag so I didn't have to carry them, or I'd have been very tired indeed! it was four books, and three of them where very thick and heavy. All of them programming books... :)

I've been meaning to get myself a few blouses, since - let's face it - I'm really bad at sewing them myself... *sigh* It's sad, but true. Since I'm a bit on a budget, I've been looking around for some nice, affordable blouses. It may not sound like such a difficult hunt, but add to that I'm quite picky... So. I finally found what I've been looking for at a quite unexpected place. :) Do any of you remember Anna House Fashion? I know I've just passed by a few times, noting that their homepage wasn't very well made, and moved on.
It turns out that they have very good reviews, well-made, customizable products and - yes, most important of all - a wide variety of very cute blouses. I'm very picky what fabrics are being used, how they're sewn and what lace is used - and how!
Anna House's blouses will also work very well with my wardrobe, since I usually use the kind of lace they do on my own projects. If I bought some other brand...let's say Baby, then I'd be forced to either sew items tht used similar lace to what I bought from them, or buy a coordinate which would be a very expensive affair.

I've never been a brand girl, although I can acknowledge that a lot of brand items are well made and prett - so can something entirely handmade be, and the fit is usually a lot better on us western girls. ;) Customised clothes beats brand any day. <3

Monday, 26 September 2011


Yes, it's getting closer. :) On Tuesday I have a prep-exam, which is optional but I'm planning on taking it. I was a bit nervous about it - all right, a lot - but then I looked at what I'd actually have exam on, and realised that I already know this. In theory, the prep-exam should be easy.
Let's see if it really is, shall we? *giggles* I've had very little confidence after the dramatic start of my University period, but now that I look back I realise that I've actually learned something. It was a big relief to realise.

I bid you all a good night and sweet dreams. <3

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Zakka and bonnet

I stopped working a bit on the velvet skirt, because I want to have a very pretty zipper on it - a Zakka zipper! <3 I ordered a set of five of those cute zippers, and the first one will go on the skirt, of course! Aren't they adorable?

I can't possibly imagine any more Lolita-ish zippers, can you? :)

Also, I made a matching cape to the skirt, and am now working on a bonnet. I'm still slightly uncomfortable with bonnets since I have no looks a bit odd without bangs. :( But I'm planning to go to a hair dresser and have her fix my hair. :) Curls and bangs, like a cute doll. <3 I'm so looking forward to that!

As usual I'm a lousy photographer, but... *blush* There it is. the cape. :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Velvet dream

Have you ever found something that you felt you wanted at first sight? Something that was so you, you just had to have it? And even worse...saw it in a picture somewhere with no way of buying it, or it was way too expensive for you? *chuckles*
I'm sure we all have things like that. Hardly surprising, pretty much all things I've found have been Lolita-related in some way. But I have one advantage, and that's that most things I see are things I can sew or make. A while back, I saw a picture of a white velvet skirt that was truly dreamy. <3 It was so pretty and luxurious, and I thought 'oh, that is so lovely <3'.
So I started looking for white velvet. You'd think that surely such a thing would be easy to find - I mean, wouldn't any store with wedding dress fabrics have it? No such luck. Etsy were the only place to have it, and only one seller could provide it. Isn't that strange?
So way back then I got a couple of yards of white velvet, meaning to make a skirt and a small matching cape out of it.

You know, it's so strange, when you have a fabric that is really lovely, and you know you can't easily buy more of it - it's hard to gather enough courage to cut it? I think I've mentioned it before. But it's such a pity when it's just lying there in the cloth chest - you know exactly what it's going to become and how to do it, but can't bring yourself to actually cut...

So I finally did that the other day, and the skirt is finally coming along. <3

Friday, 23 September 2011

Jelly beans and scary lessons

Ahh, I feel silly but I'm having nightmares before each so-called "dojo" in school... It means we sit in a small group, and at all times two people are at the computer typing - one typing, one telling what to type - and everything turns up on a large screen.
I tend to panic when it's my turn to tell. ^.^;; Had all these nightmares tonight before it, and I almost had a complete blank out when it was my turn up there... I managed, somehow, but the assignment was really difficult and I only had a vague idea how to solve it. I'm glad it's over. Now it's an entire week until next one... XD

We don't really have a tradition of Jelly-beans here. The regular swedish jelly beans are the one that's mostly just sugar, without any real taste, that just come in happy colours because people want happy colours on their candy... So, I've been experimenting  a bit with different brands of jellybeans, and I've come to the conclusion that not only do they differ widely in terms of taste, but flavour too! Some have very vague flavours and some really strong.

After my testing I've come to the conclusion that Jelly Belly beans have the most flavour, and they really taste like what they're supposed to taste like. :) I don't care much for the water melon, but the rest are really good! <3

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Today I've been studying, much like all days, but I also decided to take a small stroll in town and shop for the first time in months. Of course, first I had to pay a visit to my optician, since I really need new glasses - the ones I have are old and quite scratched by the years of use.
I had expected the glasses to be an expensive affair, but it turns out I finally have some real luck! <3 None of the glasses they had on the shelves were to my liking, and expensive to boot, so they brought out some glasses they had beneath the counter - which were both my style and around fourth to sixth times cheaper!
So in two weeks I'll have new glasses which won't be scratched. <3 Such a relief!

After that I went strolling in the other stores, and found a few things, like a mini cup cake baking tray and this adorable little milk can. <3

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


I know I said weeks ago that autumn seemed to have come. Now, it's in full bloom. :) Outside the skies are gray with a slight drizzle of rain, and the trees have started to change colour. It's so pretty. <3 Such a calm, gentle weather with not a gust of wind.
And here I am indoors, with pretzels and hot cocoa. <3 Despite my lack of energy due to the cold, I've still managed to clean the apartment and bake pretzels - and study. Although I do admit my brain is still too tired to focus on the code I'm reading, I don't quite understand it yet.

Oh, and I've found a coat stand I want! Problem's in a picture, and I have no idea where it was bought. *sigh* I can't really tell you where I found the picture, and I don't know who the girl is (but it is, of course, not me), but here it is:

I wish I knew someone that could work metal and make one for me, because I highly doubt things like it would ever become available in Sweden. :( Why do Sweden keep underestimating cute things for grownups? I've seen so many cute things in other countries, but here everyone seems to love discreet things, gray and boring things that don't stand out.
At least I found cute pink and black socks with bows on them the other day. <3 It's a step in the right direction!!

Sunday, 18 September 2011


All right, what is the best way to cheer up a sad lolita...?

Why of course, a trip to Candyland! *squees* The drizzle or gray skies outside doesn't bother me right now. XD We're going to Candyland! <3 I don't plan on buying anything (oh all right, maaaaybe something small...) but it's like a cute adventure in a candy forest, it's such a huge place!

My only regret is that they don't seem to have Harry Potter candy. T_T But who knows? Maybe they will!

And now the big question...what am I going to wear...? o.o

Friday, 16 September 2011

Trying days

I came down with a cold on wednesday, hardly surprising since when a lot of people come together close to each other - like at a University, and especially at the campus bus - colds start up somewhere and spread quickly.
The timing couldn't have been worse though. Had a seminar yesterday, and a so-called 'programming dojo' today (a small group of students - 6 in our case solve related problems during discussion and processes.) These were compulsory, so cold or no cold - I had to go or end up with extra school work, which I hardly need at the moment.
So it's been two long days. Of course, it didn't help that I didn't double check the schedule and showed up five ours too early to the seminar with no possibility to go home again. *facepalm*

But now I sound whiny, I'm sorry. :) I started up this blog to write light, cheery posts - and I will, once this storm as passed. I promise. <3 It is a Lolita-blog, and not a ventilation blog - although I have been a bit too hard pressed lately to actually be able to draw out the little joys in life.

It will return. <3 Not to worry.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New shoes

As I said in an earlier post, my mother called, and more or less ordered me to buy new shoes since none of my shoes are water proof and they've obviously been very bad for my feet too.
So yeah, that's what we did. I couldn't support the foot yesterday evening, so comfortable shoes were a welcome luxury. I haven't had that in a very long time, I always buy cheap shoes that last one season. *sigh*

But from the money my mother gave me for shoes, I got a real pair for the first time in five years. A pretty pair of Eccho shoes, that will hopefully serve me well for many years to come. To say I'm not happy would be a lie, so yes, I am happy she decided to give them to me. They're both handsome and comfortable.

The last points were finally handed in. If they won't give up arguing about the money that's rightfully mine I don't know what to do. *sigh*

Little joy

I just realised that one of the apples my beloved picked up yesterday was a Transparente Blanche.

My favourite apple sort.

A lot of apples fell in the storm...

Brush with eternity

Life isn't fair. I learned that from the start, and I've been trying, trying, trying so hard to keep the cheer up. You know the saying 'when it rains, it pours'? That couldn't have been more true for my life... My only ray of sunshine is my beloved, and that I've finally made friends.
My road here is littered with disappointments, being abandoned, losing things - both live and objects - ending up in places were I'm trapped, manipulative crushes, lies, psycopaths, accidents and then of course goddamned bureaucracy.

...isn't it enough now? Apparently not. Yesterday I was almost crushed by a tree that decided to fall where I was standing. I managed to slip away since I heard the sound before I saw it falling... But why me? Why now? Why on top of everything else that's gone to hell lately.
I just want some luck now... I really need some luck.

It's good I have such good friends, or this would have been impossible. I love you all. <3

As I wrote this, mum called. It's ok for now.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Cupcake method

No, I'm not crazy. *giggles* Hear me out first, okay? <3

A lot of people think that Lolitas need to be thin and able to eat lots of sweets and pastries - and still don't gain any weight! I think I hardly need to say that isn't true for the most of us! *giggles* It is, however, true that brands like Baby the Stars Shine Bright only have dresses in one size (Size chart for BSSB-dresses).
So, what to do to keep the weight under control?

First of all, I think that most diets out there are very unrealistic, demanding a lot of their followers. Also, I feel I don't want to stop eating certain foods and well... I came up with my own solution, which works for me (meaning that it's not sure it works for everyone). I call it the 'cupcake method', for a very logical reason. :)

I have these silicon cupcake moulds that I use in my bento-boxes.

I use them instead of paper ones, since these are so much more practical and easy to clean - and they don't get soggy. Anyway, when I eat food, I make it two cupcakes. :) Yes, I put my food into two cupcakes, and that's the perfect amount for me. It's enough so you get full, and it helps you find your ideal weight and stay there. :)

So that's my cupcake method! *giggles* Easy and cute. <3 And it's perfect for making really cute food. :) And yup! Can be heated (obviously!) too, which gives so much variety! Everything from risotto to tiny sufflés, onigiri and apple crumbles (if you cut the apples in tiny pieces).

Tip! If you make onigiris and don't like it when they get wet, put something in the box to gather the  condensation. For example a dried prune or a napkin.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Apples and sunshine

Even before I got out of bed this morning, I knew it would be lovely day. <3 Little rays of sunshine slipped through the blinders even in early morning, and it was the perfect late summer day. Perfect weather to risk wearing my favourite shoes!

I love them so much, and they're not selling them anymore so I'm being extra careful... Aren't they the prettiest? <3 I'm not wearing them when it's risk of rain, not if the ground is wet, or if there is sand, or mud, or gravel... *blush* They're my babies. And today was the perfect weather to wear them!

The apple season is here, with lots and lots of apples, so I'm making an apple crumble today. <3 With cinnamon, of course! <3

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Lovely day

It's really been such a lovely day today, and the sun is still a brilliant gem in the sky. :) I woke up tired, and were tired all day in school until I got home and got some descent food... *giggles* I'm awake now! Honest!

Once I'm done with all I need to do today I'm definitely going to create something. <3 I think it will probably be underwear, I have cut pieces to a pair of drawers, and I'm considering attaching them to a camisole and decorate with lots and lots of lace and frills. <3 It will be cute! <3

I might also attach them to a blouse with poofy sleeves. Imagine that for wearing at home! <3 But maybe I need a bit more...mmm...relax-friendly fabric. Whatever that would be I'm unsure. o.o

Dinner is in the oven and I'm listening to up-beat J-pop... It's the best thing when in need of energy! So I'm going to share the recipe of what I'm making with you! It de-li-ci-ous! <3

Cabbage pudding (4 portions, 6 if small)

500 g minced meat (prefferably pork because it's jucier)
A few handfuls of chopped cabbage
A tiny bit of golden sirup
salt & pepper
Some cream (not whipped)
(mushrooms if you like)
A little soy sauce

How to

First put a little butter in a frying pan, and toss in the cabbage (and mushrooms if you use it). Let it fry a bit until it 'sinks' into the pan (you'll see!). Once it does, sprinkle some golden sirup over it and stir. Let is sit a little bit longer until it's soft.
Remove it from the stove and mix it with all other ingredients in a bowl, and then pour it into a oven form (rectangular or rount - it's up to you!). Put it in the oven and let it bake until it's starting to colour. Check it with a spoon to make sure the minced meat is properly cooked - you don't want it raw!

Serve with potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam (I think the more common equivalent would be cranberry jam - not a sweet jam!). Yummy! <3

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Early morning musings

Today I woke to a brilliant sunrise. <3 It was truly beautiful, a sort of heavenly light coming through the clouds and spreading along the horizon. Maybe it's a sign that the struggles are soon over? :)

I already have plans what to do once I get my money... *sigh* First of all, a big dinner. I know, it sounds kind of sad, but I've had to really turn every coin to make sure it's been stretched as thinly as possible before I get any money at all. As it is I'll probably get my money in two weeks as soonest.
I think the food will last until then, but it will be very boring food.

Eh, anyway! XD After the dinner I'll contact the company that is holding my laptop and tell them to send it, and shoes. I have no water tight shoes and with fall approaching rapidly that will mean very wet feet soon unless I'm to wear wellingtons to school. ^.^;;

And a new bus card of course. The last days before I get my money I probably won't be able to go to school unless it is absolutely necessary, since my bus card will run out the 15th of september. Argh! I'm not supposed to have to worry about this, dammit! I'm supposed to put all my energy into having fun, meeting new people, learn new things!! Not angst over money! *throws tantrum*

Sometimes I hate rules. Rules is what made this happen. And they'd only have changed their mind if I had had a death in the family. Isn't that cruel? =.= I mean, people CAN have other reasons. And no, of COURSE it's not my previous school's fault...nope, not at all... I'm so angry with Gävle Högskola I wish they could just disappear from the face of the Earth. Blow up or something.

This is all their fault. Yes, I am blaming them for all of this.

Okay, rant over. *deep breath* Need a new kitchen table too, and eyes for the doll. She's been on standby for a while now, the poor thing. :(

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Rainy evening

As I sit here listening to the pitter patter of rain against the living room window, I realise that for the first time in a while I have a quiet, calm evening. I've been so busy lately, pushing myself because...well...because of money, really. Or lack thereof.
I wish I could come up with a design that people would buy on Etsy...that would help tremendously. But I don't know what people wants, or how much they are willing to pay for it either. I've tried but I'm clearly not cut for a businesswoman in this world of cheap plastic toys and cheap clothes in bad materials sewn by children in poor countries...

I don't mean to sound bitter. I'm just so very tired. *sends hugs*