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Monday, 9 July 2012

Glitter and glamour

There is really no secret that I love things that sparkle, and of course, that also means that I love the theatre. I love shows with sparkling dresses, glamour and beauty. Among all the glamorous things I like, is of course the most beautiful woman in the world - who so happens to be a man. No, I'm not talking about Mana, though he is close behind. The problem with Mana is that he is too serious. No, the most beautiful man in the world is, of course, Christer Lindarw. <3

If you've never seen Christer, google him and/or watch some of his shows on youtube. <3 He's part of a group called 'After Dark', and he absolutely gorgeous. <3 He's got legs most women would kill for, but that's not what makes me love him so much. He always smiles. He seems so happy on stage, and it's a delight to see! Along with his marvellous dresses (like Mana, he also designs his clothes himself), big, happy smile and lyrics and beat that just make you want to party with him, he is amazing. <3

Yeah, Christer Lindarw is beautiful and happy and kind, and I adore him. :D I hope he stays in show business until it's given him everything he wants from it! <3

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

It's finished!

Finally, my doll is finished. :) It took a long time to make her, but looking at her now I'm proud I managed to go through with it. She's still nameless, but at the moment people are voting between the names Azalea and Cassidy. What do you think she should be named? :)