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Monday, 14 January 2013

Rose jam recipe and dolls

(Here's an excellent recipe for Rose Jam. <3 It's really sweet.)

This morning, when I ate my toast with rose jam, it struck me that I haven't updated this blog in ages. One would think I'm no longer lolita, and that I moved onto greener pastures, but fear not - I'm still here. <3 I'm still studying, though, and much of my spare time the last few months has gone into my dolls.

Not only do I still sculpt dolls (and have one in the last stages of completion, you can follow the progress here.), but I also got a Crobidoll Lance home in December (12/12/12 to be exact), which is now named Aria and is a very spoiled boy. <3 Aria is on the receiving end of my whims lately, which has earned him not only clothes but other things - like jointed hands, a laptop... *sigh* I told myself long ago that I'd never buy a bjd - they were so expensive, and then I go and fall in love with Lance, who cost as much as a brand new computer, and the rest is history. Unlike most doll owners, I don't have any long wish lists and difficulty to decide between dolls, but I have a wish. I want to get Zoltan - the prince that Aria is following around. I haven't decided what sculpt he will be yet, though... I'm having troubles finding a sculpt that looks...royal enough. I will most likely get him a Spirit Doll body, but I'm not sure about the head... I liked the look of Souldoll Chiron (human, normal skin), but I'd need to mod it to fit on the Spirit Doll body.

The second option is, of course, that I get a Spirit Doll body and make the head myself... *sigh* We'll see where we end up. ^.~

School starts again tomorrow after the winter holidays, and to be perfectly frank, I don't feel ready for the new semester. I'd have needed a week or two longer before I can go full throttle, but that's not an option unless I very suddenly and unexpectedly turn a millionaire...