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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Miniature clothes

The doll project is keeping me entertained - and off the computer for most of the time. *laughter* All the materials have been ordered and shipped, so now I'm just waiting. <3 I already decided from the start that I wouldn't try to make my own wig for this first project (you never know, I might later! After all Inuyasha's wig was a success...).
A friend pointed me in the direction of LUTS, and I ordered this gorgeous wig for the doll:

It's going to look so cute on her. <3 I got so excited I decided to make a beret and socks for her while I was at it, too. Making miniature clothes is fun! <3 I have some really cute designs that I plan on using for her. I'll update you on the progress! <3

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Appointment and BJDs

I'm back to my normal self now, so I will be sitting by the PC more than I have these last two weeks. :) I probably won't be on as much as I was, and definitely no late heroic runs...but for now things are back to normal. On the 7th of June I have a doctor's appointment, which is a relief because that means they didn't think it was any hurry. ^.^

Also, I found this gorgeous site: The Enchanted Doll And seeing these gorgeous dolls made me think... Is it possible to make your own ball-jointed doll (BJD)? So I'm going to try. :) I've made a prototype arm which is fully functional (and hot pink...) from some polymer clay I had in my stashes. I do really I'll need practice before it looks the way I want, but step 1 was to make joints that work, and that was a success! :D I've also detected some errors in my first calculations so I need to recalculate. :)
Now...all I really need is a full scale picture of a SD and I'm happy...

(Picture from The Enchanted Doll. All rights reserved the artist, of course! <3 )

Sunday, 15 May 2011

I'm all right

I know I've worried quite a few of you after my attacks took a drastic turn for the worst on thursday. I want you all to know that I'm all right, the attacks yesterday and this morning has been small. I still don't feel good but the worst bit has passed.
As I've promised several of you, I will be going to the doctor to have this evaluated. I will be staying off the PC most of the time now, in case this turns out to be epilepsy. If it is, it's not dangerous. But I don't want to trigger more attacks by sitting here, I can't focus on the screen for long either. Until I know what's going on I probably won't be updating my blog.

But I repeat again; don't worry. You're sweet and I appreciate your care, but don't worry before we know what's going on, okay? <3

Thursday, 12 May 2011

In mood for redecorating

I had an old boater hat lying in my closet which had a pretty boring bow, so I decided to fresh it up for summer! <3 As it looks right now it's going to be a really hot summer, and since I don't do sunshades... A hat is perfect for the job. <3
So I made a new bow, replaced the bands on it and now it looks so much cuter! <3 It's so hard to find good looking hats... This particular one I actually found on second hand, it had barely been used and looked new. The band on it had faded a bit though so I'm guessing it had been lying in a window or hung on a wall.
A shame really! It's a very sturdy, good hat. <3

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A hot day and a cool drink

Summer is here, it's so hot outside! I don't really enjoy too much heat...I don't like getting sticky and sweaty. :( But the weather is absolutely lovely, the sky is a beautiful clear blue and the nature has more or less exploded with green freshness and flowers in every color you can think of! <3
It's truly pretty. <3
We take strolls now and then just to watch the gardens in the area go into full bloom, and this time of year even the trees are flowering. All that's missing now for a good harvest is the buzzing of bees... I'm a little bit worried that the flowers are starting off so early there won't be enough bees. I hope they make it out soon. <3

We made smoothies! <3 Banana, blueberry and raspberry smoothies with whipped cream on top. You should try it! It was de-li-ci-ous! <3 And if you add in a couple of crushed ice cubes it's very refreshing in the heat. <3

Monday, 2 May 2011

Spring, hail and a new bag!

It's really been odd weather today! It started out a bit chilly, then the sun came out and it got really warm...then suddenly it started hailing! (By then, I was, thankfully back from my stroll in the forest) They say spring has unpredictable weather, but this day has really been something...
Still, there is no doubt summer is fast approaching! The Wild Strawberry Icecream parlour have opened for the season, and oh! We have to go there! <3 They have such wonderful icecream menues, I can hardly wait!

I also decided to sew a new bag. <3 (I have made copies of the pattern I drafted, and put up a listing for you; Summer Bag ) I saw a similar bag somewhere, I can't remember where, but I thought it looked so lovely I wanted something like it. :)