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Friday, 18 March 2011

Drawers and smiles

The drawers are finally finished! <3 It took a long time and I made the mistake of pulling at the fabric as I added the elastics, and naturally made my arm yell at me in anger... ^.^;; Its' still mad at me. I shouldn't have done that, but I got so impatient...
Anyway. The drawers are done and I'm quite pleased with the result. <3 Next time though I will pick a softer, flimsier fabric (though cotton is the best for underwear, since it breathes).

Also... A kiss for you all. <3 Since I am, after all, in a very happy mood. <3

Quiet days

I haven't really said so here, but I managed to injure my left arm - through sheer clumsiness - and now I'm confused by only having one arm to do things. ^.^; I never knew there was so much you used both hands for! Everything from dressing to sewing, so things take more than twice as long as they usually do.
And - naturally - this is when I get the most inspiration. Isn't that ironic? *giggles* I've been thinking for a couple of weeks that I really need a new pair of drawers, but I couldn't decide on a design. Now that I can't sew very well I finally decided. ^.^;
Soo...I'm sewing a pair of drawers, bit by bit.

And while I do, I listen to the Coraline soundtrack. <3

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

"Who do you think you are?"

In these times people are dis-couraged to think highly of themselves, leaving a trail of miserable, self-conscious people in its' wake that are so petrified with fear that somebody might think they 'think they are somebody' that they are unable to move forward.
It think it is time to say 'stop it'! It is okay to say that you are good at something. It is okay to say that you are pretty. It is okay to be happy over a great score on a test. There is no need to humble yourself to make others feel better, if the result is that you yourself feel bad.

I don't know why this trend started, but I do not like it one bit. Bragging is one thing - but bragging is exaggerating your own worth - but the fact is that everyone is good at something. Why not acknowledge what you are good at? Of course, often there are people who are better, prettier and got a better score at that test than you did (or had to work less for the same result you had), but that doesn't mean that you aren't good!

I didn't have happy days growing up, so for me I was more or less forced to acknowledge my own worth or I'd be damned. So here I am. I have flaws like everyone else, but like everyone else I also have things I'm good at, I know that I'm prettier than some, and I know that I've annoyed a lot of people by getting that test score without working for it.
So what? I'm allowed to appreciate my own worth, and so are you! Don't let anybody tell you that you can't! And certainly don't let anybody tell you that you're not good at the things you appreciate about yourself! If you are pretty, you're sure to have somebody say that you're not, but that doesn't mean that person is telling the truth!
Through the years I've noticed an ugly thing about humans. Something that I think may just be in human nature I'm afraid; the instinct to make everyone equal or worse than yourself. If a nail sticks out, it's hammered down without mercy. If you are pretty you are sure to have at least one of two things happen to you; people telling you that you shouldn't think you are something, and people avoiding you because they don't want to look bad. Or people swarming around you in hopes it might rub off on them. Such worship is dangerous since it 1) tends to create a distance between the pretty person and her/his 'followers' and 2) when real life hits the person and it can no longer manipulate others like before, it's bound to hurt.
But the first choice is just as bad. Nobody wants to be alone in life.

So what do we do? Do we lay down and adapt to others, quench our talents and tell ourselves we're not worth more than others? Yes, we do. And that's WRONG. It pisses me off to no ends when people try to push someone down, and I'm saddened by those who let themselves be pushed.

So for once in your life, sit down and acknowledge your own worth. Please. I guarantee that you will be a much happier person once you've allowed yourself to be somebody.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Super Sale on Etsy and shape

I'm currently having a super sale on Etsy since I closed down my webshop. :) Don't be alarmed! I'll still be around, but with fewer products than before as this will now only be a hobby rather than my work. I've also made a cup cake box that I will put up tomorrow. <3

On another note, I've been refreshing my go-skills again. Step one? Shape. Currently re-reading 'Making Good Shape' by Rob van Zeijst and Richard Bozulich and playing shidougo with a friend who's a strong player. :) (6 dan for you who know the rankings). Shape is mysterious but I feel it's necessary to become stronger.

Once I've studied this book enough I'm moving on to "Shape Up" and "Vital points of Go".